Nkor ICO

Nkor ICO

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Nkor is changing the copyrights industry by providing a seamless solution for registering, tracking, and distributing digital data, whether it is copyrighted digital content or content still unprotected by copyright laws.
Risk: High
Mar 3, 2018
Apr 2, 2018
100% completed
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NKOR - platform based on blockchain technology for the registration of intellectual property and copyright management. The NKOR ecosystem enables creators to timestamp and hash their work, fix it in the blockchain, track its usage, benefit from its distribution across the community, and restore control over their copyright and IP.


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Nkor ICO Team

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Eric Klein
Co-founder and CEO
Ami Inbar
Co-Founder and CMO
Ivan Didur
Co-Founder and CTO


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Elisha Ben Tamar
Co-Founder, Legal Advisor and Investors Relations
Ophir Gertner
Yoav Barel
Dr. Hadar Mazor
Andrey Yashunsky
Max Frolov
David Mickler
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Nkor ICO Reviews

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It is extremely hard to enter to the market due to strong network effect. Competition between content distribution platforms is enormous. Target markets and client’s profile is not stated at all.

Product is not developed. Blockchain technology makes content distribution process inconvenient for final consumers. Product does not have clear focus on one type of content. Roadmap shows, that at the end of the year platform has to be developed, which seems unrealistic. Content consumption market has extremely strong network effect. Platforms without audience is not interesting for content owners. Unless NKOR is only one content provider, project cannot protect IP. Project is overvalued. There is no monetization plan. Expected fund distribution is not proved by any calculations. Inconsistent information on website and white paper.

Team do not have enough developers to reach roadmap Team members lives in different location and work remotely Founders have legal education and experience, as a result, white paper has detailed disclaimer and company registered in Giblartar. Team do not have any responsibilities to potential investors.

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