Nifty Dudes

Nifty Dudes

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Each Niftydude accumulates approximately 6 $LOVE a day (plus some more depending on his wealth) over a period of one year. Apart from that, an additional 500 $LOVE for each Niftydude are claimable immediately. The $LOVE token will be needed to breed metaverse compatible 3D voxel avatars.
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About Nifty Dudes

Most crypto collectibles work the exact same way. Someone chooses a topic, then randomly auto-generates or manually creates a bunch of NFTs while using some rare and some common traits and that's it. Niftydudes, on the other hand, involves the users in the creation process by giving them free choice in the combination of traits. Instead of offering a pregenerated token set, Niftydudes allows to create your own character based on a set of traits. You want a Niftydude with a specific hairstyle and clothing? Just choose the combination you like and mint him. You can even have different layers. You want your Dude to wear underwear over his pants? No problem. Well, you might ask how trait scarcity is ensured if anyone can just mint a combination they like. Each time a dude is created, a trait is being removed from the list of available traits. Well, not exactly each time, because it can happen that a trait gets selected for removal that has already been removed before. In this case no trait is being removed. This way the removal of traits slows down with every new Niftydude being minted. Using this approach it is impossible to know which of the available traits will be common and which will be rare. Some traits will be commen, some traits will be very rare and some might not be used at all.


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