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At its core, Nice 1 is a blockchain game development platform. When using Nice 1, a game developer can raise funds from public and private supporters. However, Nice 1 goes further than just mere fundraising.
The Nice 1 blockchain provides users with access to an SDK library (and documentation) for Unreal Engine & Unity.
Nice 1 is striving to create state-of-the-art gaming services for streamers and esports enthusiasts.
Non-game developers can earn and support gamers and developers, by helping support the Nice 1 blockchain network.
The primary goal of Nice 1, is to promote innovation in gaming worldwide. However, in the process, Nice 1 is also striving to tackle increasing censorship in gaming.
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About Nice 1

Are video game companies creating a monopoly over the market? According to the EU, several game developers are.

Currently, 1% of game development companies dominate 50% of worldwide video game releases and turnover. As a result, indie game developers can’t enter the market.

Video game development costs are high.
Funding for independent game developers and startups is scarce.
Indie game developer salaries are low, leading to stifling of independent innovation.

Thankfully, new blockchain-based video game development platform Nice 1, is set to make indie game development altogether easy.

Nice 1 Roadmap

  • Q3 2019

  • Creation of the concept and formation of the work team (The initial work team and the objectives to be achieved by the Nice1 project are established)
    Announcement on bitcointalk. (The project, operation and management of tokens is made public on bitcointalk before any public action is taken.
    Community and Social Media Channels. (Medium, Telegram and Twitter are launched as official communication methods of the project’s progress.)
    Whitepaper 0.1 (First version of the WhitePaper, where tokenomics, information on the public sale and basic concepts of the project are specified)
  • Q4 2019

  • Registration of the Foundation Based on Estonia. (Start of the registration of Nice1 Foundation under Estonian legislation for its crypto-friendly treatment)
    New logo. (Update of the N1 logo, the new logo has been selected through the community among several proposals created by the community members themselves)
    Website 1.0 (the first version of the website is launched)
    Airdrop Welcome (250M of tokens are willing and delivered in exchange for social actions from the community)
  • Q1 2020

  • Public Sale Start. (Public N1 token swap at a set value of 0.00006 usdt worldwide, with no quantity, price, or bonus discounts.)
    Website 2.0 (New design and extension of information and data)

    ⏳-Airdrop distribution.(Delivery of N1 tokens issued by bountys, giveaways and airdrops prior to the public sale)

    ✅-11 delegated nodes (Open registration for communities and projects that wish to apply for the management of a Node1, 11 Node1 will be granted in this first phase)

    ⏳-N1 GitHub Launch (Publication of the first repositories and creation of a decentralized work center for all interested developers)
  • Q2 2020

  • DevNet Launch (First test of the network with 111 active nodes
    First Exchange Listing
    Creation of the Nice1 Consensus. (Presentation and roadmap of the management system of the decentralized consensus system, with which the community will be the one to help in the decision making)
    First big bounty campaign. (1B Tokens)
    SDK for unity and unreal contest. (Big bounty)
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  • Q3 2020

  • Creation of an incubator/project accelerator (Registration for projects based on the Nice1 network begins)
    Whitepaper 2.0 (update)
    1st test Nice1 Link
  • Q4 2020

  • Review and funding of projects accepted by the foundation. (Initiation and distribution of tokens to the first projects selected by the community)
    Roadmap 2.0 (update)
    Public presentation at Nice One Barcelona 2020 (assistance and personalized promotional campaigns for the event)
    Partnership announcement
  • Q1 2021

  • Mainet launch (launch of the genesis block and stabilization of the network thanks to the first +111 participating nodes, +50 m of tokens are required and the registration of a place in the Genesis Node1)

Nice 1 Team

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Javi Galvez
CEO and COO | Co-Funder Nice1 Foundation

Nice 1 Last News

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