Neos Credits

Neos Credits

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Neos is an innovative metaverse engine developed by Solirax that is designed to accelerate the development of social VR applications. As an end user, you can explore a rich virtual universe full of diverse creations with your friends, colleagues, or classmates and use the virtual tools and devices you find for fun, art, education, or content production.
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About Neos Credits

Neos is built on top of a novel scripting engine that integrates game engine logic, asset synchronization, and asynchronous task and asset processing into a seamless whole. It offers creators, engineers, developers, and scientists the ability to focus on the behavior of their creations and what makes them unique. Neos provides the tools and resources necessary for all types of projects and includes automatic support for a wide variety of VR devices, online multiplayer and cloud storage functionality, and more.


Neos is a virtual reality metaverse that reinvents and generalizes the way social experiences and various virtual creations are built, to let them all coexist in one shared space. The innovative underlying architecture, based on simple, yet powerful building blocks in an expandable future-proof way, is designed to dynamically synchronize complex worlds and behaviors built directly from within Neos. With a rapidly growing community, the potential for a rich Neos in-verse economy emerges as a way for content creators and service providers to make a living in Neos, and help it to grow into
a vibrant, desirable place: a spatial computing platform of choice.

Neos Decentralized

Neos is decentralized peer-to-peer software by design. Any user can act as a host to as many peers as her or his broadband and computational capabilities allow. Neos works well on local/isolated networks.  

Neos Master Plan

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to spatial computing interfaces and usage of advanced meta spaces as they gradually take over from contemporary two-dimensional computing interfaces, in the same way that they once took over from command-line text based interfaces. The main driver of this transition is the need to collaborate more efficiently, the need for interfaces to be generally more similar to our natural environment and interactions, as well as intuitive for new users, and the strengthening worldwide frustration of being connected like never before, yet feeling alone as individuals.

One of the grand goals is to shorten—and finally remove—the gap between imagination and implementation, making it easier to take an idea and share it with others in an effective form, essentially materializing the idea into something virtually tangible. Such advancement will greatly improve communication and collaboration between all kinds of


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