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It is a company that shocks medical treatment. This page will provide information on NAM.
May 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018
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Jan 27, 2018
Mar 31, 2018
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Health, Business services, Software, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

About NAM

Development of currency and the purpose of finance in ICO The funding is expected to use to develop the fundamental projects in NAM at all.

1. Development of AI services for medical industry and Running costs

A. Consulting bot using AI
The service to teach us how urgent a symptom is and so on by inputting the symptomto the app.

B. Diseases Prediction Model with machine learning Diseases prediction with cutting-edge AI, still not offered to hospitals like ‘the probability to become diabetes in two years’ by results such as a blood test

C. Healthy food recommended by AI
The service that NAM App. offers healthy food adjusting to users’ lifestyle or their constitutions NAM Project 5

D. Next-generation system of medical records with deep learning and Blockchain. The service that efficiently offers medical records to hospitals

E. Starting up NAM AI Clinic that can offer services including A~D. The medical corporation, NAM AI clinic where people can directly accept medical AI services offered by our company.


  1. Consulting bot with AI
  2. Diseases prediction model with machine learning
  3. Healthy food recommended by AI using NAM coin
  4. Medical records system with deep learning and Blockchain
  5. Starting up NAM Clinic soon offering services including 1-4

NAM Roadmap

  • December 24, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

  • It is the stage that we make this project recognized and we will finance through ICO. For
    the investor, we will spread the project to provide various methods to buy NAM coin, to be sponsored widely, for anyone in the world to purchase coins.
    Specifically, it takes the form of remittance from each individual wallet to the project's wallet, exchanged with multi-currency (main virtual currency).
  • 2018

  • Early
    Exchange listed.
    Launch of exchange-listed company's own service, Release of crowd-funding service.
    Start of test operation as settlement system Start full-scale operation of the system.
  • 2019

  • Expansion of business.
  • 2019 January

  • Our new medical record systems can be used in more than 100 hospitals all over the world. Also NAM AI clinic has more than 100 branches among Japan, Hong Kong, Korea. Also the number of our academic papers in healthcare and AI is more than 20 at this time.
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  • 2019 April

  • Conducting inbound projects in Japanese, our NAM Token can be used in anywhere in Japan. No matter what kind of industries. Tourism related restaurants and hobbies can be paid by NAM TOKEN.


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Teppei Nakano
Yutaro Nakamura
Takuma Kuroha
Nguyen Thành Vinh
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