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Advancing the blockchain industry by creating seamless and secure debit card and payment infrastructure for every company, project and ICO that issues cryptocurrency tokens.
Feb 8, 2018
Mar 10, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Software

About MoxyOne

Initial Coin Offering companies [ICOs] are developing technologically advanced blockchain assets, products and services. They will at some point, require an equally reliable payment system to enable their users to make purchases with their tokens. Currently, there exists no such system and MoxyOne aims to provide a seamless infrastructure for companies that trade with cryptocurrencies.

The MoxyOne infrastructure aims to allow end-users to utilise their cryptocurrencies such as Ether and others that will in the future be integrated within our system. MoxyOne will also support partner’s tokens. ICOs that want to offer a debit card for their token holders can apply to be a partner and use the MoxyOne infrastructure by white labelling our wallet system.

Our token, SPEND is the backbone of MoxyOne as it will be used for individual transactions and corresponding transaction fees. In addition, SPEND tokens can be used for daily transactions by token holders. We will provide our token (SPEND) holders with a MoxyOne wallet system. This allows users to spend their tokens at merchants or withdraw fat from ATMs around the world. Users will be able to perform various transactions with the MoxyOne wallet such as electronic purchases. By using our tokens, users will enable the circulation of SPEND tokens which will become a valuable asset for users as its value will grow over time.

By using blockchain solutions and payment networks such as COMIT and Raiden Network, respectively, we aim to improve security and speed while still being able to provide ease of use for every user and all involved parties. By doing so, we ensure that there exists a secure system that does not falter like current centralised systems that are prone to attacks and failure.


Features such as a debit card, wallet system and virtual debit card, users will be able to make purchases within company ecosystems and “real-world” merchants worldwide. SPEND token holders will have the opportunity to utilise the MoxyOne infrastructure with a rewards system and negligible fees.

Technical Info

Programming language - JavaScript.

The SPEND token implements the ERC20 interface, and extended to also include features from the ERC23 spec.

MoxyOne Roadmap

  • Quarter 2, 2018

  • List token on exchanges after token sale ends
    Digital ID verification
    Sanctions / PEP checks
    MoxyOne wallet support for SPEND, ETH and Partner’s tokens (SCL)
    Payment channel integration - Raiden Network
    Debit card spending with Ether (ETH)
  • Quarter 3, 2018

  • Debit card spending with Social (SCL)
    Debit card spending with Partner’s tokens
    Dashboard credit card transactions, history and statements
    Mobile app (hybrid)
    Notifications for spending limits & set your own spending limits
    App replaces bank account
    Security level 1 (temporary card freeze for misplaced card - app controlled)
    Security level 2 (2 factor authentication)
    MoxyOne vault - store cryptos securely
    Debit card spending with MoxyOne (SPEND)
    MoxyOne buffer account [Liquidity Provider]
    List token on more exchanges
  • Quarter 4, 2018

  • Add card to Apple Pay and Google Pay
    Geographical security
    User ratings
    User spending-habit tracking
  • Quarter 1, 2019

  • Decentralised wallet
    ERC20 / ERC223 token support
    White label wallet and debit cards for ICOs
    Integration of debit card API by other ICOs
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  • Quarter 2, 2019

  • Management dashboard
    Mobile app (native)
    3rd party services API
    Companion cards (multiple cards, same wallet)
    Debit card JIT spending with tokens supported by Shapeshift or Changelly
    COMIT network cross
  • Quarter 3, 2019

  • Multi-sig technology
    Monthly reward points system
    Multi-asset debit card
    Security level 4
  • Quarter 4, 2019

  • Maps - locations that accept MoxyOne
    Security level 5
  • Quarter 1, 2020

  • Customer service (IVR: Interactive Voice Response/ customer service call centre)
    Liquidity Providers (lenders/investors)
    Legals and licensing for Liquidity Providers
    Security level 6

MoxyOne Team

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Mo Abbas
Co-Founder & Lead Developer
Tanshul Kumar
Co-Founder & Lead Front End Developer
Bennett Gale
Web Developer
Shivangni Singh
Marketing & Research

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MoxyOne Reviews

According to the World Economic Forum, there are over two billion people in the world that require financial management services yet they do not have access to traditional banking. Cryptocurrencies however provide people from all walks of life access and freedom to become their own banks.

To put it simply, MoxyOne is focused on being a service provider that delivers economic employment by combining the best of both worlds i.e. the world of crypto and the world of fiat.

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MoxyOne envisions the development of a secure and reliable infrastructure that allows token holders to spend their cryptocurrencies. It allows ICO companies to white label the MoxyOne wallet and create their own personalized debit cards to make everyday purchases easy for their token holders. If you want to become a part of this innovative project, then participate in its ICO sale.

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