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moolyacoin: a universal transaction unit on the world's first integrated digital start-up ecosystem.
Uses time-tested concepts of clusters, chapters and sub-readers, digital offices, service maps, avatars, business processes and workflows to simulate stand-alone models of the launching ecosystem by offering a single digital platform built on block chains and intelligent contracts to build a global trust
Oct 15, 2018
Jan 15, 2019
100% completed
$1 400 000
100% goal completed
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Sep 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 3 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 25 000 000.00 USD
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Jul 1, 2018
Jul 30, 2018
100% completed
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Total supply
Token Distribution
Pre Sale - 1%
Private Sale - 27%
Crowd Sale - 20%
Advisors - 14%
Founders & Team - 14%
Reserve - 24%
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Registered Company Name
moolya Business Services OÜ
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Bonus Structure
+25% Pre Sale
+20% Private Sale
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Yes ,
Restricted Countries
China, Iran
Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Other, Smart Contract

About moolyacoin

ICO an abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering, is an unregulated means of raising money using cryptocurrencies. Anybody with an innovative business idea can via ICO raise capital for their business or projects. ICOs provides for an instant method to raise capital without much documentation and regulatory hurdles. Investors who put money in ICOs are allowed to purchase cryptographic tokens which entitle them to a share of revenue generated by the company offering the ICO. ICO Funding is gaining popularity as it offers a decentralised way of raising capital. The cost of raising capital in many times cheaper than conventional IPO route. It enables an ordinary investor to participate in the overall business success.

IPOs, the traditional method of regulatory backed mechanism to raise capital are often initially allocated only to institutional investors like investment banks, mutual funds, endowments etc leaving only a small portion to retail investors who can only buy the stocks once they are traded on exchanges, providing for exclusivity to a select few. In comparison anyone can participate in an ICO if they have funds. This level playing field breaks the exclusivity nature of traditional fund raising, offering masses to participate in investments that can potentially earn them rich rewards. This democratisation of opportunity is what makes ICO all the more alluring.

ICO do not use representative currencies but employ the use of crypto currency to offer their tokens/coins to conduct the transaction. However the initial starter purchase of these crypto currencies are conducted in regular representative currencies. ICO investors trade these tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. Most of the ICOs are offered at discounted prices during pre-ICO launch period.

Unlike traditional IPO, acquisition of ICO based token of the business does not grant ownership of the business or the project, though some may grant voting right for development of the business. The gratifications offered to the ICO investors depends on how the token is structured and its value arrived with its perceived utility.

ICOs do not require adherence to any regulatory framework, nor have to offer accepted legal protocol or are allowed by market regulators to securitise their shares. Adequate KYC/AML/ATF clearances /filtering is required for participating in the popular ICOs/

Crypto-market volatility, complex dynamics such as over-capitalisation, terms controlled and amenable at the discretion of the company offering ICO, lack of control makes assessing their fundamentals difficult only relying on project’s future expectations rather than its past history since there may be none. This is the main reason why investing in ICOs is considered risky. However once can extract some form of credibility by looking at the innovation, team experience or business potential.

moolyacoin Roadmap

  • June 2016

  • Idea Inception and validation.
    UX work begins.
  • Jan 2017

  • Idea Validation by Startups, Global VCs & Angels.
    Engineering & Development begins.
  • Q1.2018

  • Token Sales Planning commences.
    Advisors Discussion and Onboarding.
  • Q1 2018

  • moolya platform advanced MVP is made LIVE !
    Ecosystem Platform Prototype.
    Registrations and Admin modules.
  • Read More
  • Q2 2018

  • moolya registrations open for all cities.
    Token Sales launched.
  • Q4 2018

  • Launch of moolyacoin on ‘’.
  • Q2.2019

  • Advanced workflows and blockchain offerings on moolya.


2 195
30 429
2 213
30 Days Growth:

moolyacoin Materials

moolyacoin Team

Verified 80%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Rakesh Naik
Founder & CEO
Usha Nirmala
Director & CPO
Rudra Pratap
Senior Partner & CMO
Ramana C
V K Prasada Rao


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Roopa Naik
Investor and Financial Advisor


$30 200 060

Yale Reisoleil
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO at IOB llc

54 ICOs

$272 988 264

David Drake
Chairman of LDJ Capital International Ltd.


$3 875 000

Michael Creadon
CEO of 4Rev

20 ICOs

$26 942 536

Joakim Holmer
Trusted Advisor | Founder allcoinWiki | Crypto Inv...
Sandeep Arora
Senior Risk and Advisory Professional
Shekar K
Founder, ANOVA Corporate Services and Angel Invest...

moolyacoin Interviews

Rakesh Naik
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
We are one of the best reverse ICO!
Usha Nirmala
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Lead from the front and show innovation can be achieved fearlessly. As a women led enterprise I want to lead the company to the next level and show success
What do you think about idea?
Disruptive, has grandoise and scale to be a unicorn. We are the first to vision such a digital platform ever anywhere.
Rudra Pratap
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Integral member of the '' ICO and leading from the front.

An ardent badminton player and being an ex-entrepreneur myself (in Event management, Own Television show production house and a Design/Marketing firm), I have helped incubate 5 startups in-house from the ground-up on their ideation, UX, UI, Messaging, Market Design, Branding, GTM, Sales Structuring, Communication and Mentoring. I have extensive experience in Global IT and ITeS marketing strategies, Multi-location ATL and BTL execution - Global Events, Celebrity Management, GTM, OOH, Digital and Marketing Innovations. Well versed in IT nuances, Business Analytics, Case Modelling, Regression, R programming & Tableau as well.

We have applied for over 24 Trademarks and received about 19 as on date. We have also filed 2 patents for our incubated platforms. I am responsible for overseeing the ideation, planning, development and execution of our marketing and advertising initiatives. I also work for building marketing plans, brand placement and competitive strategies for our partner companies and those which have been a member on moolya. I also head the global chapters and marketing offices of
Ramana C
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
This is a unique project compared to most of the ICOs you will come across with just a whitepaper. We have a working live product and we are adding blockchain to it to faciliate frictionless interactions and also give early investors an upside by participating in the success of the platform and moolya's ecosystem.
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