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We have a strategy to jump into business whatever we can legally make money while observing the market. We currently have over 300 diversified strategies. This time, we will use the power of the block chain to advance into the game market and even more risky financial products. When a block chain is combined, there is an unthinkable force that is rewarded to us.
Risk: High
Apr 1, 2018
Jun 30, 2018
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About MoneyKing

At present, we are aware of the importance of information in a rapidly changing society. In the past, if people who have acquired knowledge have made money, now knowledge is of course important, but in addition to this, people who acquire and deal with information quickly become better. If everyone has the same information, you know that it is not worth the information. Currently, the block chain technology is already on the way to life. But I can not say that everyone has accepted the coin as the same information yet, some accept it and some do not accept it. This can be seen by looking at regulations and attitudes of coins in each country.That is, coins are still worth it. Eventually the coin will be accepted. We do not always know at the time, but we often regret our past. We want to share our hope with those who are aware of this fact and still want to have a better future.


  • Response time and transaction Built-in to MoneyKing Platform Token (MOK)
  • Repurchase MOK coins in the exchange market at a fraction of the profits generated Rebuying coins are also exchange coins for use in gaming platforms
  • Payments are made periodically to individuals promoting MoneyKing at a fraction of the game transaction cost. (payable as commission income on the investment platform)
  • Lightweight game
  • Using a hash rate like Bustabit when making a game

MoneyKing Roadmap

  • Q1, 2018

  • White paper published.
  • Q2, 2018

  • ICO Start (TBA).ICO Termination and MOK Token Distribution.
  • Q3, 2018

  • - Started development of MoneyKing platform.Development Status Interim Report.- MoneyKing Platform Beta Release Target.
  • Q1, 2019

  • Commercialization of MoneyKing platform.


30 Days Growth:

MoneyKing Team

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Steve Chang
Founder Planning & Designing
Mason John
Marketing & Sales
Brian Park
5.0 15
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