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MonetaPro is a B2B platform that operates as a sell-for-credit exchange. MonetaPro allows companies to list goods and services for sale at prices they determine. With MonetaPro, businesses can freely buy and sell goods and services to other businesses across all vertical markets & industries.
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About MonetaPro

MonetaPro is a sell-for-credit business-to-business exchange that allows companies to list goods and services for sale at prices they determine. Upon the sale of an item, the Company does not receive cash but instead receives an internal trade credit (called a GBUC- for general business usage credit) which can then be used immediately to purchase other goods and services from approved trade companies. The system utilizes leading-edge technology to deliver better efficiency, more liquidity, and trust to the industry.

The MonetaPro exchange provides a centralized global trading venue for companies to trade with existing trading partners, as well as find new ones. Locating a trading partner is as simple as entering the type and amount of goods or services desired within the powerful search engine designed by MonetaPro. Negotiating and executing trades become easier and faster, and tracking and reporting trade activity is in real-time. Paper flow is reduced and integrity of the paper trail vastly improved.

By utilizing a private blockchain technology, all aspects of ownership become decentralized and recorded, and the audit trail becomes more transparent and efficient. The overall result is lower transaction costs, from locating a trading partner, to executing the trade, to tracking and managing the trade.


The ultimate goal of Monetapro is to be the all-in-one Corporate Barter Solution.
The market currently bears several issues that affect most corporations:
  • External Auditors without having proper tracking
  • Lack of transparency and accuracy in transactions
  • Manual processes utilizing too many resources

Monetapro solves this problem with the GBUC:

  • Internal ledger limiting volatility (not a Blockchain credit)
  • Immediate Financial Settlement
  • Credit Stays in the System

Our clients — both corporate and private — will have access to all the services they need from a single corporate bartering platform.



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