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Modex ICO is a smart contract marketplace that makes it easy to access encryption currencies and smart contracts. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and provide smart contract solutions to end customers and contributors.
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Sep 15, 2018
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About Modex

Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects. Modex makes deployment of Smart Contracts significantly easier, faster and more cost-effective, speeding up blockchain technology adoption.

The MDX Token

The MDX token, based on ERC20, is the utility token for the Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem. All blockchain services and product features within Modex will be paid for and remunerated in MDX. In the upcoming ICO Modex will be issuing MDX tokens that can be used to pay platform service fees, make smart contract purchases and gain access to a complete suite of APIs for decentralised transactions.

The Concept

Modex’s Smart Contract Marketplace combined with Modex’s payment ecosystem will allow for easy, user friendly access to blockchain technology -- crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike.

While some smart contracts will be very technical and highly specialized, requiring entire businesses to be built around a single sophisticated contract, many others will not be. Modex’s smart contract marketplace will be the Smart Contract App store for developers to upload and sell their work, and for buyers to purchase them. The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace will support APIs for 3rd party apps to integrate with, so that smart contracts can easily be deployed through an ecosystem of apps that enable buyers to deploy smart contracts and solve real world problems.

How Modex Works

  1. A developer creates a smart contract to publish on the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace -or- they can receive a commissioned project from a Modex buyer. There is no listing fee for smart contracts.
  2. Modex will let developers choose to open source their work for peer-review and pen testing -or- select from proven auditors who they can trust. In either case, auditing and pen testing will be rewarded by MDX token bounties.
  3. The contract will then be deployed in the store -or- to the client who commissioned the work.
  4. Buyers will be able to purchase, using MDX tokens, the use of the smart contracts listed in the Smart Contract Marketplace.

Sale Process & Pricing

During the token offering of Modex’s MDX we will accept: Ethereum, Bitcoin, All ERC20 Tokens, and many other cryptocurrencies listed on our webpage. Private sales will accept fiat currency. Participants in the private sales and pre-sale will be subject to a lock up period, where their tokens are delivered over time, following the completion of the ICO.

When a contributor sends ETH, or BTC to Modex, upon the funds being received in Modex’s wallet, Modex will then take a spot price (from CoinMarketCap) of the cryptocurrency that was sent to Modex, and it will convert the cryptocurrencies value (at the spot price) in USD. and allocate the corresponding amount of MDX tokens to the contributors wallet.

Tokens will be delivered to the purchaser upon completion of the Initial Token Offering. Any unsold tokens will be “burned”.


Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace that aims to bridge the gap between developers and end users to bring the benefits of blockchain to the real world. This solves the blockchain "last mile" of adoption problem. Modex makes it incredibly easy for developers to monetize their skills and for end-users and businesses to find and deploy ready-made, security audited smart contracts that are useful in the real world. 

1. The developer uploads the smart contract source code, sets the price, licensing model and testing parameters
2. The smart contracts goes through the review stage where it's peer reviewed and security audited. After passing the review, the contract is assigned an address and ABI
3. The smart contract is published to the marketplace where it's now available for testing and purchase

Modex Roadmap

  • Q4 2017

  • - Third party payment gateway & exchange- Bitcoin-based credit cards- API guidelines & stubs- Conferences & Events- Announce partnerships
  • Q1 2018

  • - Multi-currency wallets & card integration in Moneymailme- Ethereum based credit cards- Payment gateway & exchange APIs- Setting up security audit and pen-testing processes for the Smart Contracts- Launch 2018 Marketing Campaign: Bounty Programs, Crypto Cities, Incubator Launch- M&A Due Dilligence
  • Q2 2018

  • - eCommerce & POS support, Cold Storage in Modex Wallet- White label token issuance tool- Starting development for Smart Conract Store- Community outreach for shortlist of smart contracts- Corporate tokens issuance tool. White-label solution for companies- Ongoing, Inbound & Traditional Marketing
  • Q3 2018

  • - Implement third-party escrow service- Implementation of first Smart Contracts- Publish campaign progress, launch of EOY Modex event- Launch partner program
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  • Q4 2018

  • - P2P lending with Bitcoin and Ethereum backings- Escrow service APIs- Smart contract store launched- Vetting process for pre-approved developers- Enterprise access to store smart contracts- Ongoin campaigns: Announce 2019 Crypto City & Incubator Programs- Aquisition Announcements
  • 2019

  • - Modex Wallet- OmniChannel Commerce Integration(s), Privacy wallets & KYC support- Lending APIs- Opening the smart contracts store to all developers- Launching the smart contract marketplace- Start building visual contract builder- Enterprise Centralized Application - privated blockchain integrated with the end-to-end payment solution- Crypto Cities v2.0 & Online incubator program launched- Inhouse cold storage, CryptoCoin partnership(s)
  • 2020

  • - Modex Wallet IoT 'touch and go' payment tech- Launching visual contract builder- SmartWallet program launch- IoT sector focus


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Modex Team

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Mihai Ivascu
Graham Thomas
Mark Bolsom
Head of Business Development
Paul Mears
Florin Otto
Head of Product
Alin Iftemi
Dragos Ilinca
Head of Marketing
Shane McQuillan
Chief Digital Officer


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Peter Kristensen
Angelique Mohring
Scott Morris
Anthony Provasoli
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Modex Reviews

Modex offers a Smart Contract Marketplace which has four main components: Plug-and-Play Smart Contracts, Custom Smart Contracts, a Simple Smart Contract Customization Tool and App Integrations. The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace will start by focusing on Ethereum based smart contracts. 

Competition looms form existing incumbent app stores such as the IOS app store or Google and Windows app stores. These competitors enjoy somewhat or a monopoly in the fact the users are self- generative via their cellphone(s) and computer hardware(s). Modex will not enjoy the same advantage. There is also a host of other blockchain exclusive app stores such as alax, Appian, Spheris, and more.

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Simon Cocking
Editor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News

Looks interesting. Challenge will be to get traction on the site & for the usage of the token. Not much time left too, and a tough time in the market, so interesting / tough times.

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