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MochiSwap is a decentralized Multichain DEX DAO utilizing Harmony ONE, Binance Smart Chain along with a growing list of prospective Blockchains.
MochiSwap is not chain centric, the principles stand with being Blockchain Agnostic and a core mission to bring DeFi and Decentralization to the entire world.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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Mochiswap is going to be the first of its kind on Harmony ONE & the Team is headed by a reputable Dev (remember, Hashparty is a big validator on ONE). First movers in general did well (Think of Uniswap on ETH & Pancakeswap on BSC). Being deployed on BSC & utilizing bridges it is aiming to directly compete with the big guns Uni & pancake, leveraging cross-chain liquidity pools.

Liquidity provider can farm mochi tokens and then stake the earned tokens to earn from the trading fees. 1/3 of the fees are paid out to Mochi stakers, the other 2/3 are paid out to liquidity providers.
The token is hovering close to $340k MarketCap, at just over 3cent per Mochi (ATH at the beginning of farming was 90c). Currently, the liquidity farmers have a 25x bonus period that will end at about 15.5m supply, which will be in just under a week. The current supply is about 11m and the max supply is 100m, which is finite and will be reached in about 5 years.

The main competitors Mochiswap aims to take on are Uniswap & Pancakeswap. Using the harmony-ETH bridge, Mochi will offer a much faster & cheaper alternative to UNI (With 2 second finality & fractions of a cent in tx cost).

Uniswap is currently valued at over $8bn, that's a 22.000x from Mochiswap's $360k market cap. They just have to capture a fraction of the volume to be the investment of a lifetime. But till the full ONE dex is in place it'll take a while, for now Pancakeswap on BSC is a more direct competitor, which they will tackle with competitive fees and lucrative staking rewards. Pancakeswap is valued at $1.6bn, that's 4.444x from the current Mcap. Again, just a fraction of it and...


  • MochiSwap V2 DEX Staking Rewards

  • MochiSwap DEX is pleased to bring to life a Decentralized fee-based rewards staking reward system for MOCHI holders. MOCHI holders will have access to the highest percentage of trading fee-based payout available on any existing DEX! Arrival March 2021.
  • API & Analytics

  • MochiSwap developer community is currently developing a public API that will power a high level dashboard with DEX statistics for all supported blockchains, while also empowering independent developers to build sohpisticated dAPPs using MochiSwap data and insights! Arrival April 2021.
  • NFTs

  • We will be releasing an assortment of LIMITED, unique and USEFUL NFTs which will have collectible value, as well as various experimental tokenomics, such as farming amplifiers and burn effects. These will be exclusive and unique to the MochiSwap community! Arrival April 2021.
  • Harmony ONE DEX / Liquidity Pools

  • MochiSwap DEX is currently operational on the BSC(Binance Smart Chain)blockchain, with a new addition for Harmony ONE supporting decentralized swaps and liquidity pool creation. Adding to the ecosystem is Harmony ONE and will soon be rolling out mining to incentivize liquidity. This will include creative pair weighting and an initial bonus period as seen in our previous farming releases! Arrival May 2021.
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  • Codename KAMI

  • MochiSwap is designing a cross chain "index" token, codenamed KAMI, which will demonstrate a unique multichain tokenomic model based on aggregate locked liquidity, supported by swap fees across a growing number of DEX deployments. KAMI will be a revolutionary multi-DEX liquidity asset unique to the MochiSwap ecosystem! Arrival May/June 2021.


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