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Miso Swap

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Created using Figma
Miso - a combination of the best DeFi solutions in perfect proportion
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About Miso Swap

Who doesn't love a good miso soup? This dish, however, is quite simple: you “just” need to add the best ingredients in the right ratio. Moreover, the choice of ingredients is the virtually unlimited. The difficult part is to choose the right set of products and their ideal proportions. DeFi and yield farming work the same way - you need to combine different tools and allocate funds correctly. And with the Miso project, this will be much easier to do than ever before.

The name Miso was not chosen by chance: at the heart of our project lies reliable, proven and perfectly optimized PancakeSwap tokenomics (with our unique improvements, of course), which is complemented by a wide range of DeFi products and optional solutions. Roughly speaking, in our project, everyone can be a "chef", making up their own recipe for success, simply adding their favorite products to a proven base.

Miso is both a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and a yield farming platform, deployed on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. This blockchain was created by Binance - one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Binance Smart Chain is based on Ethereum, the most popular blockchain in the world of DeFi, but the Binance team has significantly improved it. Binance Smart Chain is faster than its progenitor, has cheaper transactions , and higher throughput and scaling potential. In addition, BSC is supported by a team of professionals who have huge financial and human resources at their disposal. Thanks to them, Binance managed to create the most technically advanced blockchain to date.

The Miso Masterchief contract is a fork of PancakeSwap - one of the most successful and optimized DeFi projects. In fact, his Masterchief contract became the basis for most DeFi platforms in the BSC ecosystem - well-established tokenomics and optimized code provide fork developers with an excellent basis for starting their project. However, no matter how good the PancakeSwap code is, it has a critical vulnerability that most forks repeat - the so-called Migrator code. And in Miso, this vulnerability is eliminated completely.


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