Minotaur Money

Minotaur Money

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A Decentralized Reserve Currency and VC on Cronos Network
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  • MMFinance (Cronos)
    MINO/0X5C7F8A570D578ED84E63FDFA7B1EE72DEAE1AE23 one year ago
    $ 0.0870
    $ 40.361 K
  • MMFinance (Cronos)
    MINO/0XF2001B145B43032AAF5EE2884E456CCD805F677D one year ago
    $ 0.0868
    $ 78.92 K
  • MMFinance (Cronos)
    MINO/0X97749C9B61F878A880DFE312D2594AE07AED7656 one year ago
    $ 1.58
    $ 80.81
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About Minotaur Money

Minotaur.Money is a reserve currency and decentralized VC on the Cronos Network that employs transaction tax redistribution to stakers as a holding incentive!

Its reserve currency asset, MINO, is backed by a mixed basket of assets (e.g., CRO, WBTC, WETH, DAI) in the Treasury, and the Treasury assets are deployed to make profit for the DAO.

The protocol employs Fractionality to enable treasury funds to be deployed for decentralized VC, cross-chain liquidity farming, or incentivizing votes for liquidity rewards.

Additional staking of wsMINO tokens provides extra rewards for MINO stakers!

The Minotaur.Money protocol employs the dynamics of staking and minting (aka bonding) to create a crypto-denominated reserve currency in the Cronos ecosystem.

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