Mini Mich Studio

Mini Mich Studio

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MINI MICH (German for Mini Me) – the first hipster brand in the NFT world enabling owners to find and create the trendiest version of themselves in the virtual world.
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About Mini Mich Studio

Mini Mich ape is the first public collection of the Mini Mich brand and your passport to the Mini Mich Fashion world. You can place it in your virtual living room to express your personality, plug it in metaverse games such as roblox, and even customize your own Mini Mich appearance with self-help tools (coming soon).


Mini Mich Land is the fundamental of the Mini Mich ecosystem and the official playground of Mini Mich NFTs. Inspired by various environmental artists’ work, Mini Mich Land strives to become the first green metaverse that incentivizes environmental initiatives and creates decisive environmental changes in the physical world.

Mini Mich Land will contain up to 20,000 pieces of limited edition lands that each can be owned, customized, rented, transferred, and collateralized by its owner. Mini Mich NFTs can be seamlessly integrated into Mini Mich Land, multiplying the creative possibilities exponentially.

To achieve its goal in becoming the first green metaverse, Mini Mich Land will foster a community of environmental artists, co-brand with environmental NGOs and business organizations, and donate 20% of its lands to organizations that can prove to create decisive impacts on the environment we live in, meta or physical.

Mini Mich Land roots in the Mini Mich brand and community. To reward our early supporters, Mini Mich community activists who mint Mini Mich NFT will be awarded a free piece of Mini Mich Land (limited number).

Mini Mich Studio Roadmap

  • March 2022

  • Project Launch & First Drop
    - Mini Mich Community (Discord, Twitter) starts
    - NFT accessories mint: Mar.30
  • June 2022

  • Product Diversification & Second Drop
    - Pre-sale: April 15, 2022
    - Official Sale: Late April, 2022
    - Special festival collections release
    - Community transformed into DAO
  • September 2022

  • Mini Mich Land Launch
    - Expansion of Mini Mich Ecosystem into a Green Metaverse
    - Introduction of environmental artists and organization in the Mini Mich Land
    - Launch of environmental campaigns and co-brandings in the Mini Mich Land
    - Integration of Mini Mich NFTs and Mini Mich Land
  • January 2023

  • Mini Mich +
    - Public release of Mini Mich AR & VR
    - Launch of Mini Mich games


Mini Mich Studio Team

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Ichigo Mich
Father - Crypto economy expert and NFT enthusiast
Da Vinci Mich
Mother - Senior industrial Designer with 18 years...
Spark Mich
Teacher - Smart Developer
Lightspeed Mich
GodFather - Marketing and Operation
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