Created using Figma
Created using Figma
MimiCoin is the first social crypto currency aimed to be used in social networks as a payment method. Our Mimic app will be the first one that will implement the MimiCoin as a payment currency and introduce it to the world. Mimic is a split screen app for Millennials where they can copy each other's moves in a fun way. App is already on the App Store.
Dec 29, 2017
Feb 12, 2018
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About MimiCoin

Mimic is a movement that gives you the power of targeted virality. It’s a platform consisting of several key factors: people, communities, videos and, finally, the app that brings them all together.

It's based on the key insight that the allure of virality isn’t in the number of views. It's about people following your example. It's about you setting a benchmark which someone will try to copy and make better - out of respect or a simple desire for improvement.

This is why we imagined and started working on an app that will enable users to do just that - mimic other people's achievements, moves and ideas, no matter how challenging or wacky they might be. Then, we will give them a way to show it to the world. Regular people will have the power to connect to the “viral guy” who set the example, getting a small piece of fame for themselves and, in the process, propelling the original to an even higher level.

This will start as an alternative movement - gathering communities like skateboarders and social experiment vloggers, then moving on to more mainstream topics. However, it will always remain about connecting people through microachievements in their common field of interest.

Finally, we believe that an app made for the people should be owned by the people. Therefore, we’re also creating the Mimic cryptocurrency and rolling out the ICO. We will invest in the creation of the platform, incentives for thought and example leaders and brand ambassadors, online and offline guerilla marketing and, most importantly, measuring activity details, collecting insights, updating the app and creating additional value for people to stay on the platform.

In short, investment in marketing will not rely solely on conventional marketing channels. Instead, it will convey an underground story - focusing on dedicated communities like those on Reddit and using the money to create value and pull people in instead of pushing our product out.


  • Mimic allows people to copy each other's moves, selfies or any other fun actions thus gaining popularity and followers.
  • MimiCoin represents the global cryptocurrency for all current and future online social networks.

Technical Info

Mimic is currently a hybrid iOS app (made in the Ionic framework), supported by the whole backend system created in PHP (Laravel framework). The app can be found on the App Store.

MimiCoin is an Ethereum token. It complies with and extends ERC-20 - a de facto standard and widely used token API.


MimiCoin Roadmap

  • April - May 2018

  • Working on app's design with a designer to create millennial-like app.
  • May - July 2018

  • Developing native iOS version and refactoring web API. Testing the app. Working on pre-launch.
  • August - October 2018

  • Find a partner from the USA and setting up a base in the USA. Start working on soft launch phase. Preparing Android version.
  • December - November 2018

  • Strengthen the relationships and connections with American partners. Moving to the USA to do the ground work. Start working on beta Android version. Working on soft launch phase.
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  • 1st half of 2019

  • Officially launch the app. Working extensively on the marketing plan and on app's stability and security. Building the user base. Planning in-app-purchases and implementation of MimiCoin.
  • 2nd half of 2019

  • Keep working on the app and on the marketing. Introducing and educating users about MimiCoin. Implementing and launch the usage of MimiCoin.


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MimiCoin Team

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Dario Begonja
CMO Marketer
Davor Kljajic
CFO MimiCoin Creator
Aleksandar Atanackov...
CTO/iOS Developer
Dario Trbović
CEO/Web Developer
Domagoj Mirić
ICO Marketing
Velimir Baksa
Blockchain/Ethereum Developer
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