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MEVerse, with its lightning-fast speed and low fees, is the most optimum platform for Metaverse covering Entertainment, P2E games, DeFi, NFT, and others.
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About MEVerse

MEVerse is our Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Platform that anyone around the globe can enjoy. Our
independently invented blockchain technology acts as the fundamental protocol of our platform through
its outstanding performance with an average of 9,000 TPS as well as the scalability and interoperability
achieved by our cross-chain technology.
The blend of our blockchain technology and our Metaverse ensures that MApps provide a variety of
content and services on the platform, guarantees an optimum operating environment without network
congestion, and supports each MApp’s independence according to its different policy settings. Also,
affordable transaction fees thanks to the chain’s user-friendly system significantly reduce the cost burden
for MApp providers and users.
Our platform environment that encourages the prosperity of MApps supports the stable establishment of
an initial MApp ecosystem and accelerates the expansion of the ecosystem by rapidly processing a large
number of transactions from an MApp through high network performance.
MEVerse can develop and provide an assortment of blockchain-based services not limited to a single
category, such as entertainment, finance, and healthcare, through the optimal MApp-friendly protocol.
This will lay the foundation for the growth of our blockchain metaverse platform and at the same time offer
the users the pleasure of transcending the reality in their daily life.

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