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MetaSwap Protocol is a Layer2 crypto trading platform that provides P2P swaps by utilizing historical NFT transaction data.
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About MetaSwap

Tractions Open NFT Marketplace Just like Amazon aggregates all products on one site, making items simply accessible at once, now MetaSwap sets up its ambitions to aggregate NFTs from a range of smart contract networks. It includes Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, WAX, HECO, and more, to allow users to swap and track the latest NFTs by one click away. P2P Swap MetaSwap, facilitating escrow mechanism, creates a secure environment for users to swap when resolving mutual satisfaction. In addition, the platform provides exclusive benefits to ‘big whales’ who prefer to trade their multi-million dollar NFTs with extreme rarities instead of only selling them for the cash equivalent. Art Forum   The social feature builds the fun part inside the MetaSwap platform. Through Art Forum, users can interact with fellow collectors and even NFT creators, like remarkable artists, rarely approachable. What is more, in this community, users can share the trending NFT projects and innovative ideas here. In addition, the forum will list top voting projects on investment board. NFT Farming MetaSwap encourages investors to stake their collectible and utility-based NFTs in Farm for lending and collateral to gain extra tangible assets. The section is under development and will be announced later.


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