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Meta focus is a meta universe virtual world platform based on BSC intelligent blockchain, which aims to solve the problem of platform providers earning intermediate platform profits for decentralized open source projects, so as to achieve a low price payment mode between content creators and game players; The project uses blockchain technology to acquire and transfer virtual property rights, and allows users to permanently hold these virtual property rights and even operate them to create profits for their own content.
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About MetaFocus

The biggest difference between meta focus project and VR projects of other virtual spaces is that meta focus is a decentralized system, which proves that the space of meta focus is jointly owned by everyone and is a virtual space hidden in the Internet world. Using this space does not require anyone's consent. As long as you run programs and connect to the network, you can use it; Secondly, meta focus through an identity recognition system, users can track and verify whether a content has obtained the consent of the originator through encrypted signature. This is the first virtual world platform based on blockchain. You can own your own virtual space, and you can control your own virtual space and publish your own applications to create value. For example, you can publish your own intellectual property games on the virtual space platform. On the other hand, players can pay low fees directly on the virtual world platform.


As a meta universe, the biggest feature of meta focus is openness and creation. Any operation is autonomous and any existence is allowed. No company or team can hold this space and fully open and decentralized governance; At the same time, it can allow the creation of all sources, develop and supplement platform content and programs, and obtain benefits.

Meta focus is an identity authentication system through territory ownership. In this system, the authentication information is the coordinates of the territory. Ensure that creators continue to create and distribute avatars, items and scripts through economic incentives. Meta focus is committed to building a comprehensive platform that can support multiple applications, and identity authentication is only the first step.


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