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Introducing the 8888 Meka-Driver collection.
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About MekaVerse

Join the #MEKAGANG and become a part of our epic Meka community! Get exclusive access to the World Map and earn rewards. Experience the ultimate gaming thrill with our partnership CoreGames, where you have the power to control your own Driver. Customize your Driver in-game in the immersive Meka Lore universe and be ready for even more features to come!

The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by the Japanese Anime universe.

In the distant future, drivers fight in a world divided into 4 Factions. Originals Meka, Mirage, F9, and Gadians are the Titans who rule this planet. Which Faction are you going to join?

Each MekaVerse NFT holder has access to exclusive events on Discord, Twitter, and more. The MekaVerse does not stop at one planet, it extends far beyond that!

MekaVerse Roadmap

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  • Quality comes first. The goal is to make our first drop as cool as possible so we can have freedom to develop the universe. We're still working on a number of rarity criteria, as well as a lot of new Lore concepts. The drop release date will be announced as soon as the project's quality and technical aspects are fully progressed. We also need to work hard with our community to make Discord and Twitter even cooler with new additions throughout time.
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  • Mekas have a huge potential as physical creations. We are passionate about 3D printing and want to bring our concept to life with high-quality materials. After several talks with famous art toys makers, we are currently working on some concepts but wait, let’s keep a little mystery for the moment! We also aim to create clothing and merchandise using high-quality materials and textiles with eco-friendly fabrics. Also, Matt. B would love to explore a new and ambitious 3D Art Direction about streetwear and fashion in general. By following our design principles, we will do everything possible to create something amazing before, during, and after the launch of the first Drop!
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  • We know a lot of artists in the NFT community and beyond! We'd like to develop a series in which each Meka is made in collaboration with artists we like and under their artistic direction. We would create a small collection of 1/1 unique Mekas by artists, with all proceeds going to them! This collection is incredibly important to us, and we are excited to see what we can accomplish together!
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  • After presenting our original Mekas, we want to explore more abstract subjects in order to present a second, very distinct drop. Our aim is simply to aesthetically enlarge the universe, and each relationship between the Meka Dimensions will be described and explained. We truly want to blend artistic disciplines, as well as move beyond our graphic style and look outside our comfort zone. We also want to see if it would be possible to collaborate with famous mecha licenses on future releases. That would be incredible!
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  • When all of these stages are completed, we’ll take care of maintaining the Meka Universe. We both come from the design industry, and we are truly passionate about Art, Short films, Physical and Digital Exploration, and we would like to explore even more, with the desire to always make events more impressive and ambitious. We are counting on your support! We look forward to seeing what happens in the future! Love from Mekas ♥


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