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Marconi ICO

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Created using Figma
The Marconi ICO protocol is designed at the Ethernet level and enhances the distributed networking stack that provides privacy, security, net neutrality, and upgradeability.
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About Marconi ICO

The Marconi protocol is designed down to the ethernet level and powers a decentralized networking stack that provides privacy, security, net neutrality and upgradability.


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Market Competitive environment:
Decentralized security of the project is:
J.P. Morgan’s Quorum (market cap $ 396B);
Microsoft’s Coco Framework (market cap $ 829B);
Enigma (raised $ 45M, market cap – $ 68,8M, ROI USD 1,54x);
Hawk (ICO wasn’t held, capitalization is not available);
NuCypher (sold on pre-sale $ 4,3M, capitalization is not available);
Zerocash (ICO wasn’t held, market cap – $ 836.2M)

Technological advantages:
Marconi Pipe and Marconi Link have access to OSI layer 2 data, they can observe MAC addresses to better understand physical network topology. This enables custom routing techniques for more performant traffic routing in some situations.
New blockchain protocols can be developed and launched on top of the Marconi Platform using branch contracts and branch chains, gaining its built-in benets for free such as security and net neutrality. And with no code changes, existing blockchain protocols can begin using the Marconi Network for inter-node communication, taking advantage of its augmented and eventually fully decentralized network infrastructure.
Anti-Phishing, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Virus Protection can be provided out of the box for end users and even for corporate networks without installing any special software or hardware by instead using smart packet contracts.
Using the same technology that supports the Marconi Protocol, secure eld networks can be rapidly deployed in battlefield and disaster relief situations with their trac history stored on a ledger that can be audited after the network is decommissioned.
Large or commonly accessed internet content can be cached by nodes in the Marconi Network so that it can be served more locally to consumers, yielding more efficient use of bandwidth and improved latency.
The Marconi Protocol is designed to mitigate Transaction Flooding Attack, Packet Injection, Sybil Attack, Quantum Attack. Because Marconi addresses these attacks at a foundational layer, new blockchain protocols that build on top of Marconi also gain the same protection

The project popularity in the social networks and discussion forums
The project is detected on the radar of the next influencers: ICO Pantera.
Linkedin: 10 employees,96 followers.
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