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We're building an interoperable privacy protocol for the DeFi Stack.
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About Manta Network

Manta Network leverages zk-SNARKs, a non-interactive form of zero knowledge proofs, to deliver scalable, private transacting and swapping. Because zk-SNARKs is a code-based solution, we have the advantage of flexibility and speed for the best user experience on a decentralized exchange: fast and private. Because we are building a layer-1 solution using Substrate, we are in control of the underlying blockchain consensus. Furthermore, we employ the UTXO model for "burner addresses" that obfuscate identity for swaps. While prices and volume are fully transparent, identity is unlinked and users can swap in private. We are building a decentralized privacy stack for DeFi that is governed by the community. The governance, among other features, is represented by the Manta Network token, $MA. Governance features for topics including selecting new trading pairs and tokens to include in the exchange will be decided by the token holders in the community.

With the Ethereum 1.0 main net launch in 2015, blockchain entered into a new, Turing-complete chapter. Fast-forward to now, and we are experiencing a tremendous level of adoption for on-chain applications, especially regarding decentralized finance (DeFi). While existing decentralized projects and applications are proving the need and demonstrating a market for DeFi, we believe that adoption is only beginning.

To take DeFi to the next level, we need to address the existing issues: the lack of privacy, speed, and interoperability. By introducing a top-tier product that addresses these problems, Manta intends to expand DeFi into a larger market with better conveniences and privacy provisions.


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