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Coin for the World of Rich and Famous
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Aug 14, 2017
Aug 25, 2017
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Luxico is going to help the rich and famous popularize peer-to-peer payments in digital coins. We want to encourage wealthy people and celebrities to adopt a habit of paying by digital money. Luxico has a plan for how to make this happen. To start, we will invite 3,000 representatives of the rich and famous from all over the planet to join our community. We will do this by offering them to claim 1,000,000 LUX coins each, for free. Luxico is developing the LUX community in the form of a website with mobile apps. All holders of LUX coins are considered as members of this community. There will be abundant functionality for peer-to-peer offers of all kinds, including rentals of member’s luxury real estate, cars and yachts, sale of belongings such as paintings and statues, unique jewelry, and rare vines from members’ collections. One of the most important sections of the community will be the philanthropy section, where different charity projects will be initiated and collectively funded by donating LUX and other coins. Target Audience The Luxico community will be welcoming everyone who is interested in joining the elite club of LUX coin holders. Other cryptocurrencies will be accepted as well, in order to make it more convenient for members. The built-in LUX wallet will make LUX the most handy coin for fast transactions in only a few taps or clicks. Rich and famous people feel comfortable among people of the same high social status. They will be glad to invite other members of our community to share their yacht rentals or occupy their vacant villas for several days. Each offer will bring them income in LUX coins.

Technical Info

LUX coin is an ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has all features needed for token emission, distribution, and fulfilling transactions. The Luxico communities website can be viewed at The website is going to be built from scratch with PHP language ( and Angular framework ( Angular 2.0, an advanced client-side MVW framework, is highly adopted nowadays for mobile app and web app development. In order to speed-up overall community infrastructure development, mobile apps will be subcontracted to a third-party developer. Meanwhile, web front-end and back-end development will be carried out in-house by our existing team of experienced developers working on project. Blockchain technology in general, and Ethereum smart-contracts in particular, will be used for making separate features of the community both secure and trustless (the most trustable). For instance, we believe that the philanthropic section of Luxico's community can greatly benefit from the use of smart-contracts.


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