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About LuckyDogeInu


The last 10 *buyers who bought $LDI activated the protocol and are entered into the jackpot.

If there are no *buys for 10 minutes the Lucky Doge Inu will grant one of the last 10 buyers a reward - 30% of the jackpot wallet!

Buys must be 0.1 BNB or more to be entered into the jackpot



The Lucky Doge Inu grants a chance to both lucky jackpot winners and anyone that is part of the token. If there are never-ending buyers who are trying to win the jackpot the price of the token should continue upwards.

Our goal is to reach a high jackpot of 100,000 USD creating a viral tale that will be heard around the world.


In this, section holders and community members can look into the rewards Amount collected in the Jackpot. The value for Jackpot rewards pot comes from the BSC Mainnet wallet using web3 and API calls.

Our Values

Lucky Doge Inu (LDI) team is focused on expansion of the product and platform. We will take the roadmap step by step to ensure that all phases are being done to perfection. We are proud to welcome you to our community. #LDI #LDIJACKPOT

LuckyDogeInu Roadmap

  • - POC of the unique contract
    - Build and Testing
    - Art and Design
    - Website
    - CMC/CG listing
  • - Target of 5M Market Cap
    - 100k Jackpot
    - Coins of Persia Game Creation
    - Airdrop NFT's of Coins of Persia game for Lucky Doge Inu holders
  • - The Lucky Doge Inu game buy winners and losers gets entry to Coins of Persia game.
    - Lucky Doge Inu top wallets and winners whitelist for Coins of Persia game
    - Player to Player game with Coins of Persia with Lucky Doge Inu coins.
    - Battles and tournaments, prize distribution.
  • - Partnerships and further collaborations
    - Prince of Coins of Persia competition
    - Promotions and Marketing to bring in more holders
    - Metaverse of Lucky Doge Inu WORK initiation

LuckyDogeInu Last News

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