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About Lucky

Lucky (LUCK) was created due to the inefficiencies in this industry. We saw an opportunity to combine decentralization and blockchain to create a new experience for all users. We aspire to build from the ground up on the Solana Blockchain a gateway into decentralized online gaming without the constraints of centralization. This will be a seamless experience for all users with Lucky offering a suite of products that enables them to switch funds into support cryptocurrencies upon entering and exiting the online-gaming platform. Combining that we will use our lending protocol to reward our token holders with exclusive partnerships with other online-gaming institutions to provide a lucrative APY% that compounds daily. Lucky is built by a team of three technical engineers who have worked in the online-gaming sector for a combined total of 26 years. We have seen the explosive growth in this industry, and we are going to create a revolution in the way you engage in online-gaming.
We are at a pivotal point in technology where individuals have the convenience to access online-gaming venues from their own residence. This was great in the early era of the internet but with the advent of blockchain and decentralization we can further enhance the user experience and offer them anonymity and unparalleled speed on the Solana network.
Lucky (LUCK) token is a utility token for our platform.
LUCK will have the following uses:
Access to the online-gaming platform.
Access to the borrow and lending program.
Use as currency in gaming.
Monthly rewards
Buy & Burn Program

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