Lolly App

Lolly App

Created using Figma
Lolly is a Web3 messaging app with privacy at heart. 100% peer-to-peer.
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Lolly App Roadmap

  • Milestone 1 - $4M+ volume

  • 80,000$ in Development fees for MVP creation
    80,000$ in Marketing fees for marketing phase 1 (initial hires + marketing roadmap)
    80,000$ in Team fees - Salaries for 2 months
    MVP (android APK & testflight)
    Earning protocol roadmap
    3-5 new hires
    Early adopters program (all holders by the time we hit milestone 1)
    CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko applications submitted
    Dextools trending (expectation based on volume)
  • Milestone 2 - $10M+ volume

  • 200,000$ in development fees for earning protocol integration + security audits
    200,000$ in Marketing fees for exchange listings and marketing phase 2
    200,000$ in Team fees - profit + new divs program for upcoming hires
    Store-available consumer app with earning protocol integrated
    5-10 new hires. Expanding with app localisation and marketing A-team
    Earning algorithms live and paying
    Listing on 1-2 Tier 2 Exchanges (CEX)
    Focus on region-based marketing

Lolly App Last News

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