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An Open Platform For Decentralized Live Video Broadcasting
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About Livepeer

About ICO Streaming is a way to share your opinion with the world. May it be a personal topic or a global political development – everyone should be able to speak their mind freely and share their thoughts with anybody. It is one of the fundamental human rights. But unfortunately, current streaming platforms are centralized and can censor information at a will. Livepeer is a blockchain powered peer-2-peer streaming network that is controlled wholly by the community and lacks any centralized administration which could restrict access to information. Let your voice be heard with Livepeer!


- Aims to deliver a live video streaming network protocol that is fully decentralized, highly scalable, crypto token incentivized, and results in a solution which can serve as the live media layer in the decentralized development (web3) stack
- Provides an economically efficient alternative to centralized broadcasting solutions for any existing broadcaster
- Verification of transcoding work will be accomplished using scalable extensions to the Truebit protocol

Technical Info

Technical details:  There are four components of the Livepeer project: - The Livepeer Media Server - The Livepeer Network - The Livepeer Token - The Livepeer Protocol There are two levels of consensus in the Livepeer Protocol. The first, the state of the current ledger of the Livepeer Token balances, and validation of all transactions which transfer token from one account to another, is provided via the consensus algorithm in the underlying blockchain that the Livepeer token is issued on. As a token issued on an existing blockchain, balances and transactions will benefit from the same level of security as the blockchain's native token itself, secured by the hash power of the mining operations or underlying proof of stake algorithm. The second level of consensus is unique to the Livepeer protocol, and will govern how the newly minted Livepeer Token is distributed in proportion to the amount of work that nodes in the network performed in order to transcode and verify live streams. This will operate on a delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm (DPOS) The source code:  The code is available on Github Proof of developer:  Public team


Livepeer Team

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Doug Petkanics
Founder, CEO
Eric Tang
Founder, CTO
Yondon Fu
Software Engineer
$ 2.21
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$ 14.32 M
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$ 136.485 K
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6.486 M LPT
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