LGCY Network

LGCY Network

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Charging LGCY Network’s Mainnet SUPERNOVA
LGCY Network is a Layer 1, proof-of-stake, decentralized network.Supernova Mainnet handles 10.000 transactions per second at an average cost of 0,01$ per transaction.
  • Market
    Volume 24H
    24H (price)
    24H (volume)
  • Uniswap (v2)
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/0XC02AAA39B223FE8D0A0E5C4F27EAD9083C756CC2 52 minutes ago
    $ 0.0082
    $ 118.975 K
  • Bitrue
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/USDT one hour ago
    $ 0.0083
    $ 104.343 K
  • BiKi
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/USDT one month ago
    $ 0.0030
    $ 9.96
  • Bilaxy
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/ETH 3 months ago
    $ 0.0062
    $ 2.535 M
  • Bilaxy
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/USDL 3 months ago
    $ 0.0057
    $ 7.753 K
  • Uniswap (v2)
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/ETH 6 months ago
    $ 0.0057
    $ 1.28 M
  • Uniswap (v3)
    0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D/ETH 9 months ago
    $ 0.0029
    $ 49.79 K
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Additional Details

About LGCY Network

LGCY Network started of as a ERC20 token to be readily available. On Supernova Mainnet launch, LGCY will move towards its own blockchain: LRC20. A bridge towards Ethereum will remain open for multi-chain purposes. The same accounts for USDL.



LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Running on the Libertas Protocol, the network aims to be the most decentralized dApp blockchain in the world. Bringing true decentralization with DPoS by implementing the Libertas Protocol to the Governing Bodies (GBs) system of governance. By splitting up the 27 GBs into three branches, limiting the power of each, and introducing terms to the governance system, no single large token holder will be able to gain an unbalanced amount of power.


$ 0.0082
Crypto Stats
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Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 101.074 M
Volume 24h:
$ 414.332 K
Circ. Supply:
12.306 B 0XAE697F994FC5EBC000F8E22EBFFEE04612F98A0D
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