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Peer to Peer Lending using Blockchain platform. Connect lenders and borrowers all over the world
Nov 3, 2018
Dec 1, 2018
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Oct 22, 2018
Oct 31, 2018
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About Lendxcoin

Today, the demand for lending and borrowing is increasingly popular and it is necessary for individuals and businesses. So how to lend and borrow money with a little time, high success, transparent loan and without proving your loans?

Lendxcoin (Xcoin) is a kind of digital cash applied in P2P lending via online network which is based on Blockchain platform through a smart contract. Lendxcoin will be a bridge linking lending and borrowing of members all over the world without any mortgages. Lenders and borrowers are connected to each other quickly and easily, and have not to take much time and carry out complicated procedures like at traditional banks.

Especially, when joining the Lendxcoin peer to peer, borrowers and lenders are absolutely confidential. All loans are transparent. The approval process is simple without loan demonstrations and there is no distinction between individual and business.


To join our system you must have an account and XCOIN currency, XCOIN will be the main currency to use the functions of the system.The lending and borrowing operations are extremely simple. It takes a short time to complete a contract. All loans have a clear and transparent history. There is an absolute precision about money, interest rates and loan period. All information and benefits of members are absolutely confidential without the third party interference. Transaction history is stored unlimitedly. Disbursements are made immediately when the loan agreement is confirmed. The interest rate is flexible. Members can decide their interest rate. It may reach up to 40% per month.


Lendxcoin Roadmap

  • 8 th Oct 2018

  • Complete tasks to get 130 free Xcoin
  • 22nd Oct 2018

  • Get 50% discount when buying Xcoin at this time. The minimum quantity for one purchase is 5 ETH. This is the best time for investors
  • 3 rd Nov 2018

  • Official ICO sale
  • 10th Dec 2018

  • The internal exchange of members to exchange BTC - ETH – XCOIN.
    Taget: 1 Xcoin = $10
  • Read More
  • 30th Dec 2018

  • The P2P lending officially operates. Lenders and borrowers can connect to each other all over the world.
    Taget: 1 Xcoin = $20
  • 28th Jan 2019

  • We officially put Xcoin on major exchanges in the world, expanding transactions for investors, developing the Xcoin with high value
  • 11th Feb 2019

  • Target: Top 50 on the Coinmarket cap
  • 4 th Mar 2019

  • Run mobile apps on both IOS and ANDROID platforms. Members can do all transactions via mobile at this time


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