Lego Coin

Lego Coin

Created using Figma
LEGOCOIN ($LEGO) is a social meme token with goals to contribute in social and creativity movement all around the world through your favorite toys: LEGO.
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About Lego Coin

The evolution of Memes

By definition, meme is an idea, a behavior or style that spreads by mean of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbloic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. In simple words, gene is for biological evolution and meme is for social evolution.

Memes + Financial + Technology + Art

Since the rise of 9gag in 2009-2010, memes became so viral that it shook the whole world. Not only that, but bitcoin was also born on the same year. After some time, DeFi and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) were born 2020. These helped so many people who are trying to survive the recession period. DeFi boosted our progressive movements movement in financial and technology and NFT help us to express digitally.

Lego Coin Roadmap

  • 2022

  • 1.
    ✓ Listing exchaneger CEX Coinstore
    ✓Listing at Hotbit Certified Audit Staking, Savings, Earnings

    ✓ Listing at Coingecko
    ✓Listing at Coinmarketcap Forex-Commodity Integration
  • 2023

  • 1.
    Loyalty Program
    Voucher Platform

    Play to earn games
    Live events and gatherings
  • 2024

  • Expand worldwide
    Build gathering spot for LEGO coin holders
    Launch product and merchandise


2 693
30 Days Growth:
4 445
30 Days Growth:

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