Layer Protocol

Layer Protocol

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Created using Figma
The decentralized reputation, incentive, and payments protocol for the global sharing economy, built on the blockchain.
Jun, 2018
Jul, 2018
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About Layer Protocol

The sharing economy is poised to hit $40B in revenues, driven by carshare, rideshare, bikeshare, and vacation rental. Irresponsible users increase the cost of providing services and hinders the sharing economy.


  • August 15th 2018

  • Core ERC-725 Compatibility: Finalize requirements and design of the identity protocol to make it compatible with ERC-725; Tooling: Test environments, tools, integration, smart contract versioning, and establishment of deployment practices. Layer Nodes Benchmarks: Performance tests of potential Layer Node architectures to determine the best system design moving forward.
  • September 1st 2018

  • Core Asset Provider Identity Interface: Smart contracts and unit tests for an asset providers to push an identity onto the blockchain. Utilities Asset Provider Python SDK: Wrappers around smart contract methods, including package manager support. Layer Nodes Datastore: Local temporary store when retrieving data from the network.
  • September 15th 2018

  • Core User Claim of Identity: Interfaces and unit tests for users claiming an identity. This allows users to link multiple identification properties. Utilities SDK: Interfaces for the identity protocol. Layer Nodes Containerization: Package Layer Nodes in a Docker container for easy deployment.
  • October 1st 2018

  • Core Identity Challenge on Claim: ERC 725 compatibility, and permissioned access to necessary public methods on contracts; Reputation Data: Models / interfaces for reputation data by provider category. Utilities SDK: Reputation data model and methods. Layer Nodes Discovery: Ability for node discovery starting with a seed node, followed by other peer nodes.
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  • October 15th

  • Core Scoring Interface: Asset provider can score a user based on an identity hash. Utilities Identity Signing: Start backend to hold/serve/publish public keys for signing an identity, including private keys for verification. Layer Nodes Host Seed Node: Internal seed node to discover other Layer Nodes; Peer Connectivity: Identify all Layer Nodes are active on the network at any given time. This will eventually be used for maintaining quality of service.
  • November 1 2018

  • Core Provider Reputation Score (PRS): The ability for asset providers to retrieve PRS for users. Utilities Identity Signing: Complete. Layer Nodes Caching: Layer Nodes cache structure to optimize future computation of scores.
  • November 15th 2018

  • Core Provider Reputation Score (PRS): Complete PRS, along with unit tests, and deploy to Testnet. Utilities Identity Signing Tool: To aid development, this tool helps developers sign user identities for use throughout the protocol. Layer Nodes PRS Computation: Layer Nodes compute PRS from transactions and provider category processing.
  • December 1 2018

  • Core Provider Reputation Score (PRS): Optimize PRS read/writes for computation and storage utilization. Utilities SDK: Integrate remaining features to Layer SDK for asset providers and Layer Nodes. Layer Nodes Layer Reputation Scores (LRS): Begin computation algorithms.
  • December 15th

  • Core Scoring Release: Release of scoring to the Testnet. Utilities Layer SDK: Unit tests, documentation and packages for Testnet release. Layer Nodes Layer Reputation Scores (LRS): Unit tests for LRS algorithms.
  • January 1st

  • Core Identity Signer Update: Identity signers can contribute additional identifiers to user identities, and perform an “identity check”. Utilities Publish Second SDK: We will provide a complete SDK in another language. Layer Nodes Reputation Score Signing: Nodes have to sign computation results for them to be valid.
  • January 15th

  • Core Layer Nodes Stake: Smart contracts to manage staking of Layer Nodes. Utilities Sample Application: Start demo application that based on developed SDKs. Layer Nodes Staking: Running a valid node will require a LRX stake to be put up; Testing and Optimization: Continual optimization of Layer Nodes around performance, gas costs, and security.
  • February 1st 2018

  • Core Identity Match API: The API matches two identities without user claim by trusted identity signer. This fixes the issue of unclaimed identities lacking data, or users repeatedly signing up to perform bad behavior. Utilities Sample Application: Complete, open source, and deploy a sample application for viewing data on Layer Protocol. Layer Nodes Testing and Optimization: Continual optimization of Layer Nodes around performance, gas costs, and security.


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