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Participate in the ICO and win USD 1,000,000 (One Million Dollars). Every USD 200 you get 1 digital coupon to compete!!! After reaching the goal of USD 45,000,000, 1 Bitcoin will be drawn for each investor until reaching USD 1,000,000!!!

The Kweek Project Coin is linked to the Kweek group , which will bring together several innovative projects and technological initiatives linked to blockchain .

The next release will be Kweek Place , a modern and innovative marketplace , where we will have Artificial Intelligence initiatives, acceptance of payments with digital currencies ( cryptoactives ), exclusive reward system and awards for sellers and buyers. We will also create a Metaverse environment where it will be possible to create a 3D virtual mall, where the interaction between buyers and sellers will take place through their avatars.
Jul, 2022
Jul, 2022
0% completed
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Goal 45 000 000.00 USD
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
20% ICO
30% Other Projects
20% Treasury
20% Marketplace
10% Team
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Country
United States, Brazil
Company Founded
Jun 4, 2022
Additional Details
Binance Smart Chain

About KweekCoin

Kweek will be consolidated in the market as a technology company, focusing its investments in the areas like Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and Blockchain, developing innovative and essential solutions for customers and society!

When purchasing Kweek Coin tokens, the investor will get a 10% cashback on the purchase amount. In addition, upon reaching the proposed goal of $45,000,000.00, Kweek will raffle prizes totaling up to $1 million in Bitcoins.

The Kweek Coin will be a fundamental piece within the greater Kweek ecosystem, functioning as a financial tool and currency of exchange across all the satellites that make up the Kweek group. Thus, as the projects progress, we understand that Kweek Coin will have great potential for appreciation!


After the consolidation of Kweek Place, we will create our own
payment system, Kweek Pay. We will also launch Kweek Log, a large
logistics project, and Kweek Funds Private-Equity, which will manage
resources for future acquisitions and financing of technology projects,
and many others.
We will have other initiatives in our ecosystem, such as Kweek Eco,
a special calendar for promoting rest and environmental causes, and
Kweek MEED (stands for Exponential Disruptive Strategic Marketing) for
active and innovative marketing.
We also highlight the launch of Kweek Back, a unique and exclusive
return system in the market, promoting support, growth, and financial
gains for buyers and sellers, and generating value in a way never before
seen in the segment.
We count on the lauch of Kweek Festivals, a celebration and awards
system, with a calendar of festivities and promotions throughout the
In 2023, as can be seen in our roadmap, we will have the launch of
Kweek Pay, a revolutionary payment system in which our Kweek Coin will
be accepted alongside traditional cryptocurrencies. This will be followed
by the launch of the Kweek Card, the cryptocurrencies and fiat coins card.
Already in 2025, we foresee the structuring of Kweek Bank, a
financial institution that will promote the junction and development of
the financial arms of our ecosystem, employing cutting-edge innovations.
We will also count on Kweek Grains, an integrated and international
export system for agribusiness, and Kweek Terrenus, a unique and
innovative system for the real estate market.
In addition, another strategic satellite in our project will be Kweek
Labs, a development and research laboratory working in artificial
intelligence, big data, blockchain, metaverse, NFT’s, web 3.0, among
other important technologies for the development of the economy and
society in general.
The deadlines and launch dates are described in our roadmap, and
details about the development and creation of each satellite will be
revealed as each project progresses.

Technical Info

Name: Kweek Coin (KWK)
Category : MSE - Super Structured Microcoins
Coin Generating System: BEP20
Blockchain Network : Binance Smart Chain
8 decimal places make up Kweek fractions coin
Each fraction of the coin is called a Hunter
100 million Hunters = 1 Kweek coin
Contract Number: 0x4c4D9Cd061c9FbBD60E6546A2004fe9767dd8754

KweekCoin Roadmap

  • 2020

  • 3rd Quarter - Project idealization: Creation of the main concepts of the Kweek Ecosystem
    4th Quarter - Project idealization: Creation of the main concepts of the Kweek Ecosystem
  • 2021

  • 1st Quarter - Project idealization: Creation of the main concepts of the Kweek Ecosystem
    2nd Quarter - Project idealization: Creation of the main concepts of the Kweek Ecosystem
    3rd Quarter - Project idealization: Creation of the main concepts of the Kweek Ecosystem
    4th Quarter - Team Definition (members): Definitions about the ICO and future projects
  • 2022

  • 1st Quarter - Creation of the Company: Strategic definitions for launching satellites

    2nd Quarter - Pre -ICO: Restricted and limited to 200 shares (1,000,000 Kweek Coins )
    ICO : Initial Crypto Asset Offering (20% of Supply )ICO – July 09 at 20:00 Brazil time

    3rd Quarter - Launch of the Kweek Place integrated logistics system.
    Launch of Kweek Eco: Day of Rest and Environmental Preservation.
    Kweek Coin Listing on Major Exchanges

    4th Quarter - Expanding the base of sellers and buyers
    Kweek Back Deployment
  • 2023

  • 1st Quarter - Implementation of Kweek MEED (Disruptive Exponential Strategic Marketing)

    Implementation of Kweek Festivals : Seven annual Kweek celebration parties .

    2nd Quarter - Kweek Pay deployment

    Acceptance of cryptocurrencies and Kweek Coin as a means of payment on Kweek Place

    3rd Quarter - Implementation of the Kweek Card ( Cryptocurrency Card and Fiat Coins)

    Implementation of the Kweek Foundation : Foundation for support and social support

    4th Quarter - Implementation of Kweek Verso (3D Virtual Mall in Metaverse environment )
  • Read More
  • 2024

  • 1st Quarter - Start of Kweek Log (registration system, inspection, monitoring and delivery of products to the final consumer)
    2nd Quarter - Creation of the Kweek Fund Private Equity : (Investment fund and acquisition of startups )
    3rd Quarter - Implementation of Kweek Grains (Integrated and International Grain Export System)
    4th Quarter - Kweek Terrenus : Innovation System in the real estate market)
  • 2025

  • 1st Quarter - Creation of Kweek Labs : Laboratory for development and research of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain , Metaverse , NFT’s , Web 3.0, etc…
    2nd Quarter - Launch of Kweek Bank: merging and developing financial services.
    3rd Quarter - Wait for new releases!


30 Days Growth:

KweekCoin Team

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Luana De Oliveira
Traffic Management
Pietra Tyioko
Helton Andrich
Júlio Ferreira
Legal Affairs and Technology
Leonardo Teodoro
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