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Kryptono Exchange

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A New World-Class Crypto Exchange: A Cross-blockchain Crypto Exchange with P2P Fiat Conversion Function
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There is no ICO. The exchange begins on June 1, 2018.
Jun 1, 2018
Oct 12, 2018
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About Kryptono Exchange

Kryptono (a.k.a. Krypto NOW or Crypto NOW) will be a new world-class crypto exchange that places an emphasis on security and protection of users’ assets. It has the advantages of a crypto-to-crypto exchange (i.e. fast and seamless user experience) and also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat via a peer-to-peer network supported by Kryptono. This is how we hope to bring crypto finance to the next level and to the masses.


At Kryptono Exchange, we strongly believe in creating a seamless and thoughtful user experience when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. We believe the following elements will be crucial: (i) speedy and intuitive user graphical interface (ii) world class security measures to protect user’s assets (iii) transparency of the accounting system for users to track account deposits and balances (iv) organized and responsive customer service and (v) robust measures to prevent price manipulation of ill-liquid cryptocurrencies.

Technical Info

At Kryptono Exchange, we believe these following factors would make our exchange outstanding compared to others:


Our price matching engine is built on parallel computing. Theoretically, we can effectively process billions of transactions per second.

Security measures

We manage crypto assets based on 2 tiers:

  • The first tier is the AI-based fraud detection and prevention system.
  • The second tier is the multi-level and multisig actions with human inspections for a large amount of crypto withdrawal.

Transparency of the accounting system

Traders and users withdrawing more than 2 ETH a day will be required to undergo our KYC/AML process.

Responsive customer service

Customer support will be provided 24/7 with English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese languages as a start.

Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Based price manipulation prevention system for illiquid crypto to protect user’s portfolio value.

Kryptono Exchange Roadmap

  • May 1, 2018

  • Open for account registration and KYC on Early adopters will receive free KNOW tokens after completing basic KYC checks. Trading will be by-invite only.
  • June 1, 2018

  • Open to the public for trading. BTC, ETH, USDT and a few other ERC20 tokens will be available for trading.
  • June 15, 2018

  • XPAD will be launched for future ICO projects. XPAD is a platform for helping community projects with great and innovative ideas to launch their ICO projects. XPAD will have a community of fully vested and screened investors ready to participate in any ICO launch on XPAD. We will also have a team of experts to conduct thorough due diligence on the projects hosted on XPAD.
  • July 1, 2018

  • Other blockchain’s coins/tokens will be supported. More ERC20/ERC223 token pairs will be added.
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  • First Quarter, 2019

  • Alpha release of the super-fast blockchain for payment
  • Second Quarter, 2019

  • Blockchain integration with the exchange.


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Kryptono Exchange Team

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Celeste Kwon
Chief Operating Officer


$32 230 000

Charles Thach
Member of the Board of Directors
William H. Nguyen, P...
Founder and CEO


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$8 700 000

Yingyu Wang
Chief Legal Advisor
$ 0.0022
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Kryptono Exchange Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert


This is a world-class crypto exchange that emphasizes on the security and protection of the user's assets.


  • 1.    The platform allows faster and seamless crypto-to crypto exchange   and the users are as well able to trade the cryptocurrencies with fiat via a peer-to-peer network supported by the platform
  • The platform has full transparency of the accounting system for the users to easily track their accounts deposits and balance hence building the users trust
  • The platform ensures the users assets are fully secured burying out unauthorized access to the users wallets through the use of two factor authentication (2FA)
  • The platform website and developed application supports  multi-languages promoting an extensive application of the project across the world
  • The team involved in the platform consists of experienced developers, cryptographers and experts of machine learning with professional leadership enabling easy implementation of the project
  • The platform white paper is elaborate bearing detailed information on the  platform used in promoting easy exchange involving cryptocurrency and fiat


  • The platform exchange trends and associated commissions of different cryptocurrency and  fiat are not highlighted
  • The team involved is missing the project advisors to help in overseeing the project operations
  • The platform KNOW token value of sale is not determined at the initial stages of the project launch


  • The project team should involve advisors to help in foreseeing the project smooth operations
  • The platform KNOW token suitability to raise funds should be determined at the project initial stage


Kryptono Exchange enables the users to easily purchases good and services across the world as it provides a seamless user experience and well integrated mobile wallets which enable the users to easily exchange different cryptocurrencies and fiat. I would invest in the project.

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