Krypto Ranger

Krypto Ranger

Created using Figma
Data is not available
Dec 22, 2022
Jan 22, 2023
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Cap 300.00
Hard cap 500.00
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Private 2.5%
Presale 9.75%
Marketing 6.5%
Liquidity 7.5%
Reward Pool 63.75%
Team 10%
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Additional Details

About Krypto Ranger

Krypto Ranger is an innovative tower defense GameFi on the BSC blockchain with fantastic gameplay, the idea comes from "Nyanko Great War" and "LINE Rangers".

The project is in development for more than 6 months, the team is willing to bring the most innovative game experience to GameFi!

Krypto Ranger Roadmap

  • [Started] 2022.Q3-1

  • ✔️ Website Development
    ✔️ Game Design
    ✔️ Tokenomics Strategy
    ✔️ Develop Smart Contract
    ✔️ Establish Community
  • [Testing] 2022.Q3-2

  • ✔️ Internal Alpha Test
    ✔️ Game Balance
    ✔️ Community Airdrop
    ✔️ Marketing Plan
  • [Open Beta] 2022.Q4-1

  • ✍️ Beta Test Promotion Event
    ✍️ Open Beta Test
    ✍️ OB Leaderboard Contest
    ✍️ Youtuber Cooperation
    ✍️ INO/IDO Whitelist
  • [Presale] 2022.Q4-2

  • ✍️ KOL Cooperation
    ✍️ INO / Ranger Chest Presale
    ✍️ IDO / KRT Token Presale
    ✍️ Create Token Liquidity
  • Read More
  • [Launch] 2022.Q4-3

  • ✍️ Game Launch
    ✍️ Summon Rangers
    ✍️ Adventure Mode
    ✍️ Purchase Tower
    ✍️ Training Skills
  • [New Gameplay] 2023.Q1

  • ✍️ Ultimate Level Release
    ✍️ Rush Mode
    ✍️ Hyper Upgrade
    ✍️ Staking

Krypto Ranger Last News

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