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Konrad is an asset valuation, tokenization and trading platform based on blockchain technology.
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Owing to the traceable, programmable and immutable nature of distributed networks, traditional assets such as real estate, data assets, intellectual properties, financial assets and precious metal assets, can be registered in the form of digital assets. Under the premise of guaranteeing the uniqueness and the authority of the assets, asset digitalisation allows for division, transfer and valuation adjustment in a more liquid environment on a higher physical level. This is of great significance specifically to assets with relatively low liquidity due to physical constraints (i.e. Real estate and precious metal assets), those that are difficult to valuate and are prone to being monopolised (i.e. data assets and intellectual properties), and those that are highly dependent on the transparency of transaction activities (i.e. stocks, bonds, hedge fund and financial assets such as options, futures and etc.). It is perfectly conceivable that “asset digitalisation” is going to become one of the most pertinent issues in the coming decade.

Asset digitalisation includes the following key aspects: 1. Digitalising physical assets and projecting them onto blockchain network: this can be achieved by content-based addressable hash and time stamp, both of which are able to preserve the uniqueness and the integrity of transaction records. 2. The circulation of assets: for the time being, asset circulation is operated on a single platform. Alternative solutions such as sidechains could realise cross-network and cross-chain transactions and trading in the future. 3. Complex behaviours: Ethereum-initiated blockchain Virtual Machine technology adds programmability to digital assets and transactions and thus, enables more complex activities to be performed in nodes.

Konrad is a digitalised platform that provides asset auditing, registration and trading services and is dedicated to facilitating real-world asset registration and transition into digital assets. Konrad will be providing its first asset registration and digitalisation services to mining projects, focusing on the digitalisation of future Head Ores mined which will be endued with greater liquidity and operability.



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Peason Yeung Pok Man
CEO of Konrad
Ben Ng Wing Pan
General Manager
Michel Saulnier
President of North Pole Mining
Chin Chuan Barry, Le...
CEO of North Pole Mining Pte. Ltd.
Edward Mausolf
Research Director
James Hason
Metallurgist and Geology Consultant
Scott Bramwell
Process Engineer
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