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what, if we create machines able to predict?

real-time event response technology
based on fog computations
is about to be implemented (Faceter),
but what if we go a step further
and teach cameras to respond
to upcoming events?

this will take security to a new level
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Jun 1, 2020
Jun 30, 2020
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Global safety concept

Global widespreading of robots may lead to better safety of our lives.

I have invented a way of
keeping our lives in safety,
based on real-time immediate actions
by robots to proper situations,
and in future, on reaction
to ongoing events.

1 stage:

For a really fast reaction of robots to events
widespreading of them is required.
In every home, on the streets after each 20 meters,
in municipal buildings... Time after time such widespreading
will become possible. A relative cheapness of such a robots,
simplicity of construction, ergonomics and so on may help to this.

How does this system work, how do robots in action?
Fast reaction of robot means immediate action.
For example, imagine such situation:
one man is going to hit another. A robot,
while staying in a "waiting mode" statement,
becomes immediately active, moving towards them
and gets a hit on itself.

Robots may react to almost every non-juridical action
or an action, which may harm a person:
home violence,drug dealing and so on...

2 stage:

On this stage in case of safety reasons
a prediction takes its role and robots
begin to react on events which are just
going to happen. Global predictions system will
send each robot an instruction, which will explain
what actions are needed to be done
to avoid something dangerous.

Technical Info

Cameras, video, artificial intelligence

There are 3 options for configuring the program to display the prediction.

First option.

You manually connect a camera or cameras that you have or can connect to to the program.
It begins to model the prediction in real time.
Real-time prediction.
At first it's just the outlines of faces.
More precisely, not outlines, but 3D models.
Or you can configure it so that you can view a ready-made prediction.

Second option.

You upload a video, after analyzing it, the program should show you a prediction.

Third option.

A trained neural network or an entire artificial intelligence will choose and search for the information it needs for the most accurate prediction.
You only need to set the parameters.


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Artem Osipov
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