Komorebi No Sekai

Komorebi No Sekai

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8,888 NFT unique warriors
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About Komorebi No Sekai

Komorebi No Sekai


A New Experience Launching in April 2022

Immerse yourself in a unique universe mixing NFTs & Manga.



We would love to build a community of passionated people around this project. People should always be the main focus of a project. We want to know more friendly people across Ethereum ecosystem sharing our love about manga.

Our goal is to build a DAO where the community can participate in writing, discussing topics and evolving the project.



We designed a unique NFT mechanism that will permit you to have a very incentivized experience but that is not mandatory to join our community.

As a Gen 1 minter you will be able to access Komorebi No Sekai’s Volume 1 and the next volumes.



Our first-generation NFT collection consists of 8,888 best-dressed Naitos algorythmically generated and deployed in the Ethereum ecosystem.

As a Naito NFT owner, by completing special quests, you will be able to obtain special goodies and merch originated from the story, based on your innate skills and your investment in the community.

E.g.: By actively participating in the development of the community, you gain levels and role among the members.



Komorebi No Sekai Roadmap

  • STAGE 0 - PRIMARY SALE Emerging from the shadows

  • 💢 25% Minted: Give out Original Sketches NFTs to the first 25% minted (1 per wallet address)
    💢 50% Minted: Give 100 invitations randomly to have an interactive chat with the artist
    💢 75% Minted: Create a community wallet that will receive permanent fees from secondary market royalties
    💢 100% Minted: 10 random wallets will receive 1 ETH each
  • STAGE 1 - AUCTION Enter the legend

  • We will sell 10 legendaries NFTs, all proceeds will go to the community wallet.
  • STAGE 2 Brainstorming for the story

  • The NFTs holders will be able to participate to workshops with the artists to think about the story details.Hence they will be able to directly influence the story.
    For example they will work on defining:
    - The name of the important characters
    - The global direction of the story
    - The description of different places of the story
  • STAGE 3 Being generous, knowing how to give in order to receive

  • Donate to Artist charity associations
    We want to help artists from different places of the world to develop their talent.
    We will donate a portion of the primary sale to some different associations, chosen collectively with the community members.
    A % of the fees from secondary sales will also be used to contribute to this effort.
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  • STAGE 4 Start the storyboard!

  • The Artist will work on defining the storyboard based on the idea from the community.
  • STAGE 5 Start the manga!

  • If the community agrees with the proposed storyboard, the artist will start the realization of the first volume,which will take approximately 8 months.
  • STAGE 6 Publish the numeric manga!

  • NFTs holders will get an early access to a free version of the digitized version of the manga.They will also get exclusive drawings and more.
  • STAGE 7 Publish the manga as a book!

  • NFTs holders will get an early access to the physical version of the manga.The book will be publicly available one month later.
  • STAGE 8 The field of possibilities

  • KMS Anime? Why not. If the story target a large audience, we are committed to do everything to go further and try to find an animation studio to make it even more concrete.

Komorebi No Sekai Last News

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