Koakuma Game

Koakuma Game

Created using Figma
Koakuma. is immersive nextgen MMO Gamefi ARPG base on BSC & Polygon.
Adventure with friends, kill fierce monsters and get NFT rewards.
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About Koakuma Game

Koakuma is an multiplayer online ARPG game with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics intensive metaverse. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain based tokens and NFTs. Koakuma's visuals and gameplay are completely original and inspired by classics like Gigantic, World of Warcraft and Diablo.

With the success of play-to-earn,more and more games appear on blockchain.Why hasn't there been a 3D MMORPG for the metaverse yet?

Because it is an extremely difficult thing to make it happen. It needs a robust infrastructure to ensure that the entire Metaverse system can run smoothly. It needs a solid worldview structure, interesting and rich gameplay that players can really immerse themselves in. It needs a team of people who are fully committed to seeing this as a career and a strong community who are closely aligned to create it together. Finally, a robust system of self-governance is needed to ensure that the world can run consistently and steadily.

If someone is willing to do it, then they must be technical geeks, a group of people who are passionate about games. In order to achieve this goal, we need to break the barriers between traditional games and blockchain games, and bring fun blockchain games out of this small circle and present them to a wider range of players.

This is our dream, to create a fantasy continent and run eternally and steadily in the Metaverse. We are willing to move forward without hesitation in order to build this Utopia.

Koakuma Game Roadmap

  • STAGE 1

  • · Project Concept

    · Determine Game Mechanics

    · Art Design Concepts

    · Mini Game Development

    · Social Media Presence

    · Airdrop Contests

    · Litepaper Release

    · Technical Beta Testing

    · Mini Site Launch

    · Seed Sale
  • STAGE 2

  • · Website Launch

    · Marketing Partnerships

    · Expand Team

    · Technical Beta Testing

    · Smart Contracts Audits

    · Mini Game Launch

    · Listing on CMC & CoinGecko

    · Private Sale

    · $KKMA Airdrop Starts

    · First NFT Sale

    · More Content Development
  • STAGE 3

  • · Strategic Marketing

    · Close Beta Testing

    · Skill Rune System

    · Koakuma Marketplace

    · Community Growth

    · Public Sale

    · Rich and Complete
    Dungeon (PvE)

    · $KKMA Staking

    · Mask of Lord System

    · Launch $KKMA Token

    · More Characters & Monsters
  • STAGE 4

  • · Launch $BOD Token

    · Open Beta Testing Access

    · Programmatically Generated

    · Team System

    · Mask of Lord NFT Sale

    · Koakuma Treasury

    · Lethal Weapon Forging

    · Mobile App(Android/iOS)

    · Tournament System (PvP)

    · Big World (MMO)

    · DAO Ecosystem and

Koakuma Game Team

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CEO / Founder
Lead Artist / Co-Founder
Lead Game Designer
Lead Combat Designer
Marketing Manager
BD Manager
BD Manager
Concept Artist

Koakuma Game Last News

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