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KittieFIGHT adds utility for Cryptokitties users and cut down on the oversupply of kitties on the Cryptokitties platform. It is also an interesting experiment in gamified demand in a Token economy utilizing a utility ERC 2O token called KTY, which is tightly integrated with with UNISWAP AMM. KTY has various fee burning and spending needs for game participation, without the need for users to directly hold KTY.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About KittieFIGHT

KittieFight is Mortal Kombat for Cryptokitties. In kittieFIGHT, tokens are awarded to winners of each fight session that utilizes customized fighting kittie characters derived from the Cryptokitties platform. There is an Eth & KTY token jackpot to be won in every game. All participants in games have a 50% probability of being on the winning side.Its Also an experiment in group phycology when you have two opposing coalition groups at odds with each other.

The kittieFIGHT Dapp also solves the problem of oversupply of Cryptokitties via euthanasia/kittie-sink called kittieHELL. The sink effect from fights also serves to create demand for new kitties on the Cryptokitties platform. Winners of fights on the kittieFIGHT platform can trade winning tokens to buy more Cryptokitties collectibles. kittieFIGHT Cryptokitties-based, crowd-driven, real-time fighting Dapp game is brought to you by the team below and others from SuperDAO.


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