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Kava is the world's first Interledger solutions provider bringing blockchains, wallets, and exchanges the interoperability and liquidity of the Interledger. Kava is a venture-backed company with offices in San Francisco, CA and Cambridge, MA.
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About Kava

Kava integrates blockchain networks into interledger enabling new users to access the blockchain network and services.

Kava's solution for wallet providers enables the wallet users to seamlessly swap assets and send crosschain payments.

Kava's solution for exchanges enables users to retain custody of assets while transacting with the exchanges orderbook.


Kava Roadmap

  • Q1 2019

  • live Test Net.
  • Q2 2019

  • Validator On-boarding.
  • Q3 2019

  • Main Net Launch.
  • Q4 2019

  • First USDX Issued.


70 168
1 473
30 Days Growth:
11 132
30 Days Growth:

89 619
8 443
Year commits:
4 139
Open issues:

Kava Team

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Scott Stuart
Cofounder, CEO
Brian Kerr
Cofounder, COO
Ruaridh O’Donnell
Cofounder, Head of Blockchain Development
Kevin Davis
Lead Engineer
Kincaid O’Neil
Software Engineer
Rob Laverty
Software Engineer


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Sunny Aggarwal
Research Scientist at Cosmos/Tendermint
Terry Chen
Managing Principal at Pivotal Labs
Ekram Ahmed
Founder and Brand Strategist at EK Global

Kava Last News

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Kava Reviews

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Shin Chan
Kava Labs is a DeFi platform for crypto assets including multicollateral debt positions, self-issues loans, and creates a stablecoin. Kava Labs are expertise in cross-chain settlement and developed a new technology set that combines the benefits and interoperable functionality of Cosmos with DeFi applications.
✅ Governance - Kava holders can vote on proposals to change the blockchain or the system parameters
✅ Staking & Validation - Kava is a staking asset used for network security
✅ Multicollateral Debt Positions- The platform accepts crypto assets like BTC, XRP and other.
✅ Self-issues Loans - Users can instruct the platform to issue loans to themselves without anyparty or credit score needed.
✅ Creates a stablecoin - The loans are issued to the user in a USD-pegged stable coin called USDX
????Total Hardcap : $8,500,000 USD ????
???? IEO Token Price: $0.46 USD 
???? Exchanges: Binance
????Largest Discount: 
Private Sale 1 Token Price: $0.075 USD (1 year cliff with quarterly releases over 2 years) 
Private Sale 2 Token Price: $0.25 USD (6 month cliff with quarterly releases over 2 years)
Private Sale 3 Token Price: $0.40 USD (6 month cliff with quarterly releases over 2 years)
???? Prototype : Yes 
???? Allstar Execution Ability : No
????‍????Team : Pro
????‍????Advisor: Pro
????Roadmap = Good
????Partnership / Notable Investor = Ripple, Cosmos. Arrington XRP Capital, Lemniscap, StakeWith.Us
???? Private Sales : Ended
⌛️Token Type: BEP-2
⌛️Total Tokens: 100,000,000 total tokens, 46.52% for token sales (46,520,000 Tokens) 
????Flip : Positive 
????Long-term : Positive
???? Dump Alert: No
⚖️ Initial Circulating Supply: 13,691,632 KAVA(~6.3M USD)
???? Roadmap: 
1) Q3 2019 - Mainnet Launch (Mainnet launch supporting validation, staking, and Kava trading)
2) Q4 2019 - First USDX Issued (CDP smart contracts completed, issuing USDX).
1) I will investing in IEO rounds as ICS are all from IEO round and some from treasury and all private sales tokens are locked 6 months and above..
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Midgard Research
Kava Labs Review by Midgard Research
Kava is the Defi (Decentralized finance) platform for crypto assets. Their main feature is a multi-collateral CDP system - a system where users can take and offer collateralized loans of major crypto assets like BTC, XRP, BNB, etc.
Kava has already launched its test-net and has more than 100+ clients that highly support their system on that stage. Their token has a wide sphere of usage:
— Staking and Validation: Kava holders can use their tokens to participate in the network and get incentives from the network usage. Small token holders can delegate their tokens to big nodes (validators) and get a share of income from it. Validators will guarantee network security and will confirm all transactions in exchange for transaction fees.
— Governance: everybody in the network can govern the network and vote for system parameters that they want to see.
We find the tokenomics reasonable. The team plans to fundraise 3M USD on the Binance Launchpad. Previously, Kava Labs raised a total of $5.48 M in three private token sales. It is backed by notable investors, including Ripple and Arrington XRP Capital, among others. The only concern is a great difference between private and crowd prices. Crowdsale price is 0.46 USD and Private prices are varied from 0.075 USD to 0.40 USD. We want to highlight that all private sale tokens are locked for at least 6 months (1 year for 0.075USD 1st private round). Note, that private sale investors won't get all their tokens after 6 months or a year, they have to do work to earn them over 2 years. Round 2/3 participants get 50% of tokens at month 6 and earn the rest by validating over 2 years. Round 1 participants get 25% of their tokens at the end of 1st year, then they earn the rest quarterly over year 2 based on validating the network. We believe this is quite a strict distribution model, which will allow fair price discovery.
Overall, we see that Kava has a huge short term potential, and if they achieve their long term targets it will level all our concerns about the private sale price. Importantly, the mainnet is scheduled for the 5th of November, which will make a positive newsbreak just in a few weeks after trading starts. While Q1 and Q2 are full of exciting developments according to the roadmap!
Verdict: 9.5 out of 10
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