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Fully dispersed interoperable self-optimized first block chain ecosystem. Each block chain has a different design to fulfill a specific purpose and it must be adopted for its own uniqueity. But there are inherited problems: block chain is an isolated island. As a result, scalability and deployment are limited. KardiaChain's vision of fully distributed interoperability:
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About KardiaChain

The KardiaChain team strongly believes that mankind is soon reaching the stage that blockchain solutions, especially smart contracts, will help people reach trustless agreement at ease and in every single aspect of daily situations.

Yet, unlike the current approach where many chains are built with sole purpose to make others obsolete and become the one chain that fits all, the KardiaChain team expects things to work out differently in the real world. Similar to the internet (interconnected-networks) being a gigantic network of networks, expects an internet of blockchains that is a connection between numerous public / permissionless and private / consortium blockchains to form. Each of the individual blockchains will have a different design to serve specific purposes and should be embraced for their own uniqueness.

Hence, there should be a smart ecosystem capable of utilising the collective strength of all existing blockchains and overcoming challenges in discoverability and isolation. The KardiaChain team would like think of this smart ecosystem as a single living organism, of which each individual blockchain is an organ or body part, and KardiaChain as the heart that facilitates blood flow (traffic/transactions) to every part of the body at a level depending on their specific need.

While there are several proposals for inter-chain communications, all of them currently require fundamental changes to existing blockchains and a massive wave of adoption of their protocol/framework from newly created blockchains. In contrast, the unique approach of KardiaChain is practical enough for an easy and fast implementation of inter-blockchain connections that requires no change on participating chains.


Dual Master Nodes have access to the ledger data of two chains simultaneously (KardiaChain and another chain of choice). They can receive transactions from external chains and safely ingest those updates into KardiaChain ledgers without compromising anything from both chains. Dual Master Nodes are decentralised because everyone can run a Dual Master Node (permissionless) and they have a Consensus among them to verify the data from both chains’ datachains. Dual Master Nodes are secure because inter-chain transaction data to/from KardiaChain are tamper-proof, protected by a multisignature scheme, such as Schnorr Signature Algorithm. 

Algorithmic approach in transaction routing to optimise costs and speed.When a smart contract is submitted to Kardia network, it can be translated and deployed to other (specified) chains in the network. The best network will be elected to make sure the performance achieved is the best possible at the time of submission. This is also known as offloading solution for blockchain to avoid a sudden congestion at a specific time or event.

The ultimate tool for developers to create smart contract on KardiaChain without requiring significant learning curves or any prior experience.
+ Enhance developability and practical implementation.
+ Developers can easily switch to new blockchain technology using the Kardia smart contracts APIs with their familiar tools and languages.
+A human-readable, ready to use language that supports most of the operations that a smart contract may involve.
+ By composing smart contract using KSML, developers can easily deploy their solutions to any blockchain that is supported by our ecosystem without any extra effort.

KardiaChain Roadmap

  • Q3 2018

  • - Prototype & Demo.
    - Core component prototype: investor, aggregator, executor.
    - Feature demo: cross-chain assets exchange, multi-chain public voting.
  • Q4 2018

  • - Testnet KardiaChain Alpha.
    - Supporting Ethereum-based blockchains.
    - SDK for smart contract development for supported use cases.
    - Release Master wallet alpha: multi-chains account creation and transfer.
  • Q1 2019

  • - Testnet KardiaChain Beta.
    - Enhanced ingesters and use cases.
    - Release Proof of Stake consensus experiment.
  • Q2 2019

  • - Mainnet KardiaChain 1.0.
    - Simplified dual nodes.
    - Release KardiaChain BFT dPOS consensus.
    - Swap to KardiaChain native token.
    - Enhanced SDK to integrate with Mainnet 1.
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  • Q4 2019

  • - Mainnet KardiaChain 2.0.
    - Full dual nodes.
    - Release: CMNR.
    - Release: KSML.
    - KardiaChain master wallet.


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30 Days Growth:


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