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A new platform that combines traditional media within a network setup (satellite TV channel, content production center, and an online pay-video platform with 3D videos)
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Jun 27, 2016
Dec 27, 2016
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About iSunMediaCoin

Send and receive money like a message

TransCrypt is a single window for all financial transactions, whether it be transactions with cryptocurrency, purchase of tokens and altcoins, or payment for services - all of this is done in a flash in the interface of your favorite instant messenger. You no longer need to worry about the payment currency – the built-in conversion will automatically exchange the required amount into the currency requested. Thanks to its own blockchain and the Tizer cryptocurrency, TransCrypt transactions will be executed instantaneously and practically free of charge. 

</ br> The Problem

The cryptocurrency technologies available today are often too expensive and cumbersome. To solve each task, you need a separate product or an intermediary, which significantly complicates the process for the advanced user and makes it inaccessible to a wide audience.

For example, to send a friend cryptocurrency you will have to do all of the following:

  1. Go to any of your preferred instant messengers, Telegram, for example, and agree with the recipient the amount and details of the transfer.
  2. Request the address of the recipient's crypto wallet, copy it. You can not save it in Templates though, every time you transact, the wallet number is generated anew.
  3. Be aware of getting struck by a virus that can copy the wallet address in the bu er and replace it with its own, attempting to swipe the money from the account.
  4. Open the wallet app, log in. (you may have to memorize the location of the json file that holds the key or the security phrase);
  5. Enter the wallet address.
  6. Accept the commission charge of the node (sometimes as high as $50) or
  7. indicate the amount you are willing to pay for the transaction.
  8. Click on "Submit" button.
  9. Return to the chat and inquire if the funds have arrived.
  10. In most cases, you need to wait 2-12 hours until the transaction is
  11. confirmed in the blockchain.

Naturally, when it comes to switching between multiple screens when copying financial data, no one is immune from error. The funds sent incorrectly can not be returned. 

</ br> The Solution

TransCrypt has developed a unique payment system that will make it possible to forget about the intricacies of handling cryptocurrency and will enable anyone who is familiar with the usual banking interfaces to send and receive crypto and national currency just as easily as it is to send and receive messages. Intuitive operations and screens, instant transfers and built-in conversion, unrestricted circulation of any amounts inside Tizer – all of it easily accessible upon TransCrypt app download.

Send the cryptocurrency in 3 steps:

  1. Open any of your dialogs in the integrated messenger (all the contacts and
  2. history of correspondence pull up automatically during authorization).
  3. In the chat window, click on "Send money".
  4. Select the wallet, enter the amount, and click on "Send."

Done. The recipient sees the confirmation of the transaction right in the same chat. Everything you need is accessible in one window. 

</ br> The App's Functions

TransCrypt is a single ecosystem that brings together all the elements of the circulation of money. TransCrypt is:

  • multi-currency wallet;
  • multi-currency Tizer blockchain;
  • fast transactions of crypto and national currencies directly in the chat; integration with popular instant messengers;
  • unique IBAN accounts for each user whether individual or legal entity purchase and conversion of cryptocurrency;
  • instant cross-border transactions in fiat;
  • payments at any point with a linked plastic or virtual card;
  • investment in crypto-currencies or digital assets;
  • exchange order placements for professional traders;
  • b2b payments and POS systems. 
</ br> How This Works

TransCrypt Ecosystem includes the light multi-currency crypto-wallet, a proprietary platform of e-money wallets (European EMI license), and the Tizer blockchain platform. The TransCrypt platform is built in the spirit of the open banking principle, which involves integration of services of other financial institutions, such as exchanges, banking establishments, the blockchain network. TransCrypt open API can be used by everyone to create their own services and apps. This allows you to vastly improve the quality of service, make transactions cheaper and faster, receive and provide new services. 

</ br> What Makes Us Unique?

We unite the world of fiat and cryptocurrency. We create a universal platform for all financial transactions, whether it be transactions with national or cryptocurrency, investing in tokens or other digital assets. We provide a platform for the selling and purchasing of products or services.

Our Key Advantages:

  • a convenient app that allows even those who have not encountered it before to work with cryptocurrency,
  • sending and receiving any currency directly in the chat of the chosen instant messenger,
  • one app for all transactions in any currency, built-in instant currency conversion,
  • low entry threshold for small investors, instant transactions within the network, free transactions within the network,
  • low commission.

As of to date, we have a functioning Beta version, which allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency directly in the chat, convert currency, and refill the wallet via QR-code or from any other wallet

</ br>


- Company is not related with blockchain technologies in any way
- iSunMediaCoin is a future dividend voucher with a benefit sharing mechanism
- iSunMediaCoin can be traded immediately on iSunTrade exchange platform and will soon be available on other exchanges
- iSunMedia will release poll announcements periodically and provide different voting channels to collect all iSunMediaCoin Holders' decisions

iSunMediaCoin Roadmap

  • Development of project concept

  • Prototype creation

  • TransCrypt ALPHA

  • TSR Closed BETA BTC wallets & transfers

  • Read More
  • BCH, LTC wallets & transfers, crypto exchange

  • TSR Public BETA

  • Telegram Integration
    ETH wallets & transfers
  • XRP, Cardano wallets & transfers

  • TransCrypt Public Stable

  • NEO, Stellar wallets & transfers

  • EOS, NEM, Dash wallets & transfers

  • PCI DSS Certification

  • EMI License

  • Launch of the MVP of the Tizer blockchain

  • Launch of fiat transfers
    Buy&Sell Crypto
    TransCrypt debit card
  • Tizer Invest

  • Audit of Tizer blockchain & launch of stable ver.

  • Launch of payment widget for commercial solutions

  • Transfer economics of project to Tizer platform

  • IPO


iSunMediaCoin Team

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Nick Machulis


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Den Dubov
Elena Deshpit
Head of Marketing


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Alexander Volosovik
Director of DevOps
Dmitriy Pechnikov
Development Team Lead
Andrey Shestakov
Software Engineer
Roman Steinert
QA Lead
Alexandr Margiani
Product Owner
Olga Bolshakova
Lead Designer
Dan Zhernovnikov
Community Manager
Ivan Smurov
Art Director
Anastasia Lopakhtina
Head of HR
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