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Showcase your favourite NFT collections in your house

We all love NFT! We love the art, we love the culture, and of course it's the community that we love! Surrounded by a group of NFT investors and enthusiasts, we discover that there is a common need among them, which is to show and share their favourite NFT collections in a more stylish and interactive way.
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About isoroom

We are a team of designers and developers who are passionate in NFTs. We strongly believe in creating values and culture in the NFT world. This is the start of a huge cultural change in history. And we would like to be part of it to push the human race forward.

isoroom Roadmap

  • STAGE 1

  • For Genesis Room, the total supply is 3,000 only. There will be some very cool bedrooms and workrooms in the Genesis isoroom collection.

    These early isoroom owners are also guaranteed to obtain a certain amount of our $ISO token per day. The $ISO token could be used as an early entry ticket and a coupon for minting the later batches of rooms.
  • STAGE 2

  • For the 2nd batch of isorooms collection, it is called Utility Room. In this collection, we will have Activity Rooms and Kitchens in addition to the Genesis collections.

    Genesis Room (i.e. 1st batch) owners can use the $ISO tokens granted to enjoy an early access to this 2nd batch of isorooms.
  • STAGE 3

  • For this 3rd batch of isorooms, we call it Royal Room. They are the most unique and rare isorooms among all collections.

    Royal Room can ONLY be exchanged with $ISO tokens. You may either earn $ISO by being our Genesis Room or Utility Room holders, or purchase $ISO from the market.
  • STAGE 4

  • After getting the awesome interior isoroom collections, we will also provide the coolest exterior design, such as houses, buildings, hotels or even rockets!

    Same as the Royal Room, most of the isohouses can ONLY be exchanged with $ISO tokens.
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  • STAGE 5

  • isoroom, isohouse, so what's next? We have a dream - to build a virtual community that people can share and with each other's favourite NFT collections easily.

    isoworld will be the NFT gaming metaverse where players can build and trade NFTs. In this game our owners can manipulate and monetize the virtual assets. Our $ISO token will be the native token of isoworld that owners can purchase in-game items on isoworld's marketplace. Join us and build the better future on our isoworld together!


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