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Irsa Game wants to teach the good way to live in a practical way and through games.
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About IrsaGame

Our motto: Feel good, live well Irsa Game is a triangular multiplayer game where anyone can have their own lands. Create and collect new items, meet new friends, increase and share your knowledge and awareness of your surroundings, community, world, universe, and live your real life with a sense of well-being. A person in his homeland can create many educational resources for himself, and this material is a great educational resource for him, the content of which includes living in the real world, knowledge gained during life, his education in school. , Knowledge and memories of how he grew up, how he succeeded. An entertaining story in which players want to enjoy the full gameplay experience and use an ecosystem to build, collect, sell or buy their NFTs, even if they have no idea what NFT is. NFT is built in such a way that the user can easily convert the knowledge he has in mind to NFT and transfer it to people around the world because we say that the more aware the people of the world are, the better they can live and be happier. This is our desire, this is our goal, so we do our best to be able to create this awareness through this ecosystem.


Why IrsaGame?


Good opportunity for life

Unique OpportunitiesEveryone in the world has the right to live freely so that they can have a good life in this crowded society. This game allows everyone to have a good life with the benefits they get from the game.

Useful content for a good life

This game teaches you how to live well and how to build your life with the right solution.

Take a deep breath

You have the right to breathe, you have the right to live freely. You have to live with a smile. You have to sleep with laughter, you have to have positive thoughts. You have to live like a human being.

New works and projects

You can get new solutions for your life from this game on a daily basis and change the course of your life with it

IrsaGame Roadmap

  • PHASE 1 (Q1 – 2021)

  • Branding, Logo, Name
    Releasing Whitepaper.
    Launching Social networks.
    Launching official website and channels.
    Expanding the team.
    CPG development.
    ICO Launchpad development
  • PHASE 2 (Q3 – 2022)

  • ICO Launchpad
    IDO (BSC)
    Staking $IRSA
  • PHASE 3 (Q4 – 2022-3)

  • Beta test
  • PHASE 4 (Q1 – 2023)

  • Alpha test
    Official Launch
  • Read More
  • PHASE 5 (Q2 – 2023-4)

  • Game release 1.0


30 Days Growth:

IrsaGame Last News

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