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It is a a pseudonymous reputation framework for decentralized markets. intimate enables safe transactions in a permissionless environment via trustless two-party escrow, and enables pseudonymous users to check acounterparty’s reputation before entering into a transaction.
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Apr 26, 2018
Jun 7, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Smart Contract

About intimate

intimate (ITM) is a token for payments and trust designed for and by the adult entertainment industry. intimate provides an open, distributedmechanism for managing payments and reputation across all segments of the adult industry including content delivery, interactive content and services. Thanks to blockchain technology, these payments and attributes are transparent and non-corruptible. intimate is a cryptocurrency designed for and by the adult industry. intimate is a blockchain ledger with a focus on reputation, trust and safety. intimate applies the innovations from the blockchain revolution to create an instrument specifically for the adult industry. intimate will provide specific features uniquely valuable to the adult industry. It builds on the familiar advantages of blockchain as an anonymised ledger but also enables reputation to be established for participating parties, thus providing the foundation of trust so desired by providers. Even in legally favourable jurisdictions, the adult industry has not had this level of trust and security. intimate achieves this by requiring a reputation rating to be attached to every transaction on the blockchain. Consumers and Providers can build a reputation by establishing a history of satisfactory transactions on the intimate network. Bad or fraudulent activity on the network would essentially cost the user their reputation and access to the network. In addition to building reputation via transactions, intimate will also offer support for Oracle services. These Oracles can accredit a User or Provider’s account with any multitude of ‘attributes’, the most prominent being ID verification and interaction rating-verification. Health records such as results of Sexually Transmitted Infection tests are also on the roadmap


Providers. Payment partners that provide a product or service to a user. They can require users to disclose specific attributes for a transaction, such as proof of over 18 or trust established through prior transactions. Examples include goods, content, interactive content and in person services such as dating. 

Client. Anyone can interact with the intimate ecosystem with the intimate wallet, or any ERC-20 wallet. 

Oracle. Oracles interact with users in the intimate ecosystem to verify and attribute real life data. This could include age, address, identity or health, such as STI status.

Match Maker. Matchmakers are a type of Oracle that performs curation. They perform third party services to match providers and users. 

intimate Roadmap

  • 2018

  • Deployment of the intimate wallet based off the successful EI8HT wallet;
    Expand exchange listings for liquidity;
    Implement first ITM payment facility for partners;
    Integrate support for a wide range of oracles and supported attributes;
    Invest into various initial supporting platforms to drive uptake such as NATS and WHCMS;
    Continued optimisation of cryptocurrency acquisition channels for consumers;
    Manual hedging of withdrawals;
    Formation of ethical black listing protocols;
    eCommerce modules for leading platforms including Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify;
    Additional wallet functionality to include directory of platform partners.
  • 2019

  • Implementation of web of trust, reputation and chain auditing tools;
    Greater functionality for the intimate wallet (such as multi-currency support);
    Selective disclosure of key attributes;
    Implementation of state channels;
    Bundled and unbundled offering for multiple payment methods;
    Payment reconciliation reporting;
    Hardware wallet for additional security support.
    Expand bounties to incentivize community development
  • 2020

  • Two-part escrow with mutual burn functionality;
    Two-way pegging to improve ITM token liquidity;
    Deployment of the intimate blockchain;
    Anchoring of intimate on the Ethereum blockchain;
    APIs with trusted computing(TC) integrity proofs;
    Interoperability between intimate and other blockchains to deliver new applications;
    Facilitate trust services for associated industries;
    Decentralized markets for goods and services;
    intimate debit card to expedite withdrawals.


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Reuben Coppa
CEO / Co-Founder
Leah Callon-Butler
CIO / Co-Founder
Nathan Smale
COO / Co-Founder
Craig Morris
Alex Dohi
Murray Emerton
Business Development, Europe
Lukas Taylor
Business Development, North America
Travis Cunningham
Community Management
Sebastiano Scròfina
Blockchain Analyst
Allanaire Tapion
Senior Software Engineer
Chrisnel Tiglao
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Anna Janovics
Executive Assistant
Charlotte Rose
Adult services - Europe
Mike Israel
Trust and Identity
Mark Schechter
Adult Entertainment - America
Derrick Pierce
Adult Entertainment - America
Mark Hassell
Entertainment - Europe
Corey D. Silverstein
Legal - Adult Industry


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Michael Terpin
Primary crypto advisor


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Patrick Roberts
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Advisor

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Patrick Roberts
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intimate (ITM) is a cryptocurrency designed for and by the Adult Industry. intimate is a blockchain ledger with a focus on reputation, trust and safety. intimate applies the innovations from the blockchain revolution to create an instrument specifically for the Adult Industry.

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