Use KUBE in your daily life and become a part of an innovation hub!

Use KUBE in your daily life and become a part of an innovation hub!

Paolo Della Pepa, CEO & Founder of Kube Ecosystem, tells about the most successful startups of the project and benefits from staking KUBEs and holding NFTs!

You have so many interesting ideas but they have different directions! How did you managed to combine them all in one project?

P: Our Ecosystem is a Hub where all ideas related to FinTech innovation and surprise factor can be developed quickly with reduced costs thanks to KubeSystem, a strong technological structure implemented to connect and automatize the processes of our business lines, APIs, and partners platforms. KUBE, our token has been designed to support our Kube Ecosystem, to become our exchangeable currency and a rewards tool to incentivize the use of our platforms and partners’ ones. (The use case is available in the Whitepaper downloadable on our website

Which of your startups can be called the most successful and widely-used by your consumers nowadays?

P: Definitely KubePay (First one-touch blockchain payment app) and FlyKube (Surprise trips)

Tell our users how they can get free trips from your project: by staking tokens, holding NFTs or maybe something else?

P: Royal Hawk Club is a revolutionary NFT project developed by KubeCoin focusing on technology and implementation in the real world, where users will earn benefits and unique perks for being owners, from discounts to free trips. No more being a simple image, let’s use them. We created 7777 Hawks on the Cardano Blockchain to combine technology, style and exclusive, real-world benefits for our community.

Give our readers some information about such new startups as KubeBox and GoKube! What could be expected from them?

P: KubeBox is our B2b vertical of surprise experiences since 2018, we’re now starting the first distribution of physical boxes of these experiences for the B2b market as well in stores.

Do your consumers can use KUBEs to pay for any hotels, restaurants and leisure activities they want or only for those that are your partners? Or maybe they can choose them from a list of available activities?

P: Yes, we’re implementing our Kube Marketplace inside KubePay app, it will be available from January 2023. Plus, the token integration inside our platforms and API integration for an easy implementation in partners’ platforms. So that users can start using their KUBE for their expenses and travel, leisure activities.

You have recently announced that over 50 million KUBEs are in staking! What are the conditions for staking KUBEs? 

P: The APY is 7,77% and the rewards are delivered after 7 days (7 days = 1 cycle of rewards)

We always play with 777 numbers (referring to Boing) as originally the company started in travel industry.

Here are the conditions:

✅ Minimum 100 KUBEs can be staked.

✅ There is no maximum amount stake as much as you can.

✅ Minimum time: 7 days

✅ KUBEs are not locked, you can still use them

✅ Each reward cycle will start every 7 days

✅ Claiming fee is 0.3 ADA, you’ll be charged an initial fee of 1.6 ADA when you claim your rewards, 1.3 ADA will be sent back to you when you receive your rewards (its required to have a minimum of 10 ADA in your KubePay wallet)

✅ Compound staking is free and automatic!

There's no need to unstake if you want to maximize rewards. You can just hold (stake) your KUBEs as rewards are automatically compounded. Relax and enjoy your rewards.

How to participate in your Reward Program? Are there any special offerings for those who want to become your Ambassadors?

P: We do create time to time marketing campaigns with airdrops for our contributors for specific events only. We don’t have a reward program for Ambassadors, as we believe in building teams that coordinate, work together and more important, giving them a fair compensation for their hard work. They’re not directly hired by Kube Ecosystem but they’re like employees for us.

How often do you organize listing competitions for those who want to become your partners? Are you going to make some airdrops or giveaways in your social networks for individuals who want to win KUBEs or your NFTs? 

P: Due the recent market events we had to pause competitions and airdrops with CEXs and main platforms. The marketing calendar of related activities will start strong again from January 2023 on. Our NFT collection will be launched as soon as we’ll see more positive signals from the market. We always look for a long term success and RoyalHawkClub is a strong project to gain more trust with our members, partners and contributors and share our success with our community. But it needs a breeding ground and right now we’re focusing on preparing it for the right moment.