Solidus Ai Tech is revolutionising the world of technology and AI computing!

Solidus Ai Tech is revolutionising the world of technology and AI computing!

Paul Farhi, CEO & Co-Founder of Solidus Ai Tech, invites AI and tech enthusiasts to experience the full benefits of AITECH Ecosystem!

Nowadays more and more projects use AI as the core item in their work! Please list the main features which distinguish your product from the similar ones!

P: We have built an expansive 8,000 sq ft data center in Europe, catering to demand from B2C and B2B customers. We also empower them with the resources needed to run their AI applications.  Aside from that, we will be launching an AI marketplace for developers to onboard their applications, as well as a launchpad which will attract projects seeking to raise capital but can also become our clients for services via our IaaS platform.

Can you elaborate on the options available to token holders after the staking period? What criteria are considered in determining the locking periods and reward rates for the various staking pools associated with AITECH tokens?

P: Once the staking period concludes, stakers have the option to withdraw both their bonus and their staked tokens. In addition, they can also use $AITECH tokens to take part on the AITECH launchpad for projects seeking to raise funds via IDO.

How does the selection process of the AI solutions on your forward-thinking Marketplace occur?

P: The system currently in the implementation phase has been crafted to smoothly onboard a carefully curated selection of AI applications. These applications will be introduced to our community through a DAO governance system, enabling members to vote on the application inclusion in the AI marketplace.

Please outline the details of the AITECH PAD! In what specific ways does it support startups and how do you select the projects for your Launchpad? 

P: AITECH Pad offers projects the chance to accelerate, incubate, and secure funding opportunities within our community. Given that our community predominantly comprises AI and tech enthusiasts, we view it as a central hub for sourcing investments from individuals passionate about AI and technology. Our approach involves meticulously assessing proposals from projects that apply for our launchpad, subjecting them to a rigorous due diligence process to safeguard the interests and security of our community's investments.

Are you going to push the boundaries of AITECH power somewhere except Europe and what are your plans for the near future?

P: Solidus Ai Tech's vision is to extend its presence into Europe with the goal of becoming the largest supercomputer provider on the continent. This expansion is driven by the existing scarcity of high-performance computing power in Europe compared to the growing demand. As a result, AITECH's primary focus will be centered on delivering its services within Europe.