Enjoy a virtual space of TaskChain with a wide range of opportunities and tasks!

Enjoy a virtual space of TaskChain with a wide range of opportunities and tasks!

Tom Klein, the Founder and CEO of TaskChain, invites us to try ourselves in such innovative options like Quest2Earn, Work2Earn and Compete2Earn on their platform!

How does TaskChain integrate Web3 technology to transform routine activities into opportunities for users to earn rewards, and what forms do these rewards typically take, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

T: We're building a decentralized platform, where through our Quest2Earn feature users can earn rewards for their daily activities. These rewards are deposited directly into the user’s treasury on our platform, offering the flexibility to withdraw them to any wallet of their choice.

Our native TASKC tokens and XP (experience points) are the primary forms of rewards. XP contributes to the user's level on the platform, unlocking additional rewards as they progress. While TASKC tokens and XP are staples, recipients can also occasionally find stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies among their rewards.

The reward amounts are primarily determined by our partnership and affiliate programs or are set by us, based on the task's complexity. Every task is an opportunity, not just to earn, but to engage in a system where your daily activities are valued and rewarded. In the TaskChain universe, every action has a meaningful impact, bringing the user one step closer to a world where the digital and physical realms coalesce, powered by the revolutionary Web3 technology.

How exactly does TaskChain’s main feature - Quest2Earn - work?

T: Quest2Earn uses gamification to engage users in participating. It is very similar to completing quests in video games. The system is based on an interaction with a non-player character (NPC) that has its own storyline. This NPC will oversee a specific section of the Quest2Earn system (ie. shopping, trading, traveling) and offer various tasks related to the subject. Users will be able to choose a Quest, see its objective, rewards it offers and decide whether they want to accept it or not. After accepting and completing the objectives, users will turn the Quest in and receive the rewards and a progression in the storyline. 

How does TaskChain specifically address the challenges faced by individuals in critical regions, and in what countries or continents are you going to reduce poverty first?

T: TaskChain is designed to be universally accessible, serving as a bridge over the employment gap worldwide, not just in specific regions. In areas where traditional employment opportunities are limited, individuals can turn to TaskChain to access a variety of online tasks, opening up new avenues for income.

While we are not setting out with a focus on specific countries or continents to reduce poverty, the global reach of our platform means that people from every corner of the world, including those in impoverished regions, have an equal opportunity to benefit from TaskChain. Every task completed on our platform is a step toward financial empowerment, offering a tangible solution to those facing economic hardships, regardless of their location.

The essence of TaskChain lies in universal empowerment; every user, irrespective of their geographic location, has access to earning opportunities. Our platform is a tool of financial upliftment, open to all.

How does the Quest2Earn Shopping Section enhance the shopping experience, and could you provide insights into the types of exciting rewards users can unlock through their purchases on this platform?

T: In our Shopping Section, users interact with the NPCs that provide unique quests, each coming with its own story. This adds an entertaining element to the shopping experience. Users aren’t just shopping; they’re also engaging in a narrative and completing quests. Every purchase made rewards the buyer with TASKC tokens and XP points, adding a rewarding element to the shopping experience.

What awaits the investors in the Bronze/Silver/Gold TaskChain Reward Boxes?

T: Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold TaskChain Reward Boxes are intricately designed to offer investors an exciting blend of rewards, enhancing their experience on our platform, especially within the Compete2Earn feature. Each box contains a unique mix of cryptocurrencies and other enhancement items, the specifics of which we are keeping under wraps for now, to maintain an element of surprise and excitement.

One of the thrilling aspects of these boxes is the random chance to secure a drop of high-value cryptocurrency, such as 1 ETH, among others. The type of box determines the probability of securing these prized drops - with the Gold box offering the highest chance, followed by Silver, and then Bronze.

How is the coefficient of specific NFTs determined, and can you provide examples of how owning these NFTs increases users' earnings from specified sources within the platform?

T: We're launching two distinct NFT collections, each with unique utilities. 

The first collection boosts rewards for holders. For instance, with an x2 NFT, a user completing a quest with a 1000 TASKC reward would instead receive 2000 TASKC.

The second collection of NFTs enables holders to receive a monthly share of the platform's profit, varying from 0.1% to 5%. For example, with a 1% NFT, a holder would receive $100 if the platform's monthly profit were $10,000.

As our platform is still in development, specific details about these benefits will be clarified in future announcements.

You have some innovative options like Quest2Earn, Work2Earn and Compete2Earn on your platform! Do you have any Affiliate Program? Or are you going to offer partnership to some celebrities or bloggers in order to promote TaskChain and attract more users?

T: We are currently in discussions with various projects and companies. Each section within our Quest2Earn feature will be facilitated through distinct partnerships, essential for distributing quests and their respective rewards. Our platform will be open to companies/projects looking to create customized quests or sections, offering endless opportunities for both users and entities aiming to acquire customers.

We are also developing a referral program linked to our presale, enabling users to earn additional TASKC tokens by inviting acquaintances to participate.

Each of these steps ensures a collaborative and rewarding environment for every participant on the TaskChain platform.

Is it compulsory to perform all the tasks in all your features (Quest2Earn, Work2Earn and Compete2Earn) to earn $TASKC? And are there any benefits for those who are engaged in all your features?

T: It's not mandatory to complete every quest. Users have the flexibility to choose sections that align with their activities and focus on specific quests. For instance, a trader might opt for quests in the Trading section, while someone planning a vacation might delve into quests from the Traveling section. We aim to cater to a variety of common activities, enabling users to earn additional rewards for completing their routine tasks via our platform and partnerships.

For those enthusiastic about tackling a myriad of quests, we have leaderboards for each section, and specifically for the Quest2Earn and Work2Earn features. These leaderboards enable the most active users to secure significant one-off rewards.

Within the Compete2Earn feature, an XP map and levels on the platform are incorporated, offering users various benefits at each milestone. This multifaceted approach ensures every user finds value and engagement, tailored to their individual preferences and activities.

How do you check the experience and skill of the users who want to get a job on Work2Earn? And who checks the quality of the work performed? Do you have any fines or restrictions for bad work? 

T: Our dedicated team will be responsible for creating job opportunities. Users can apply for these positions directly on the platform, with applications requiring the inclusion of work samples, experience, and other relevant information. The selection process will filter through the applicants to choose the most suitable candidate for either a one-time task or long-term employment.

Should a selected user fail to meet the agreed-upon deadline or produce substandard work, they either won’t be compensated or will receive a reduced reward for their effort.

Additionally, the Work2Earn feature allows users to enrich their profiles with detailed information about their skills, experiences, and expertise. This not only aids in the evaluation process but also ensures that tasks are matched with individuals possessing the appropriate skill set, promoting quality and efficiency in task completion.

I'd also like to add that Work2Earn is a secondary feature on our platform, designed to connect users with engaging job tasks. It offers an avenue for external companies to present job opportunities. However, it’s pivotal to clarify that we are not aiming to create another Upwork or Fiverr, or anything of that sort. Our focus remains on diversifying and enhancing user experience, offering a range of options to earn while ensuring the primary essence of TaskChain remains intact.

Website: https://www.taskchain.co/

Telegram: https://t.me/taskchain_community

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