A game-changer in the green tech industry

A game-changer in the green tech industry

Peter Mueller, CEO at ReduX, introduces the innovative green technologies which work on reducing CO₂ emissions and allow earning tokens

Which results in environmental solutions are you going to achieve? Which role does one REDUX token holder play in solving environmental problems?

P: To sensitize people about the current climate problems and the importance of environmental protection is one of the core values of ReduX Technologies. As a responsible company, we believe that we have a duty to create awareness and educate the public about the urgency of these issues. This is why we have implemented innovative and sustainable solutions that help reduce carbon footprints and harmful emissions.

The REDUX token plays a crucial role in our mission to address these environmental challenges. By investing in our company and our technologies, token holders become part of the solution and contribute to a better, greener future. In addition, the token provides added benefits, such as participation in CO₂ certificates that we gain through our technologies. 

We also recognize the potential of the crypto community to support and drive environmental initiatives. 

We believe that by working together and promoting sustainable practices, we can create a positive impact on the planet. We invite the crypto community to join us in this endeavor and be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis we face today.

Our planet faces various environmental problems every day. In what time period are you going to enter the world market to provide solutions for the world's environmental problems?

P: We are currently in the final preparations for the launch of our MORF technology, with an expected introduction in 2023. Our MORF Refractor technology can generate high-quality synthetic fuels from a wide range of residual materials, reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels and lowering harmful emissions. By providing an alternative and sustainable energy solution, we aim to sensitize people to the current climate problems and encourage the crypto community to invest in a better future.

Tell us more about your new technology! What kind of companies could use MORF Technology? Why will this method be more effective than already existing ones?

P: MORF technology is a revolutionary process based on the concept of molecular refraction. It allows for a much wider range of residual materials to be used, such as biomass, organic matter, waste oil, sludge, and plastic waste, which can be converted into high-quality fuels, gas, and coal. MORF technology offers a decentralized approach and is designed to be user-friendly. It is applicable to a wide range of companies, including those in the energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, MORF technology can be designed according to the specific needs of each company, such as producing more synthetic fuels or generating more electricity. MORF technology is more effective than existing methods as it offers a wider range of materials that can be used, and it is more efficient, eco-friendly, and flexible to meet the needs of different companies.

Which production capacity are your products aimed for? Could they be implemented at the stage of the whole company or the people themselves could use these products for their machines improvement? 

P: Our products have the potential to be implemented on a large scale, and we are currently in the process of scaling up production to meet demand. They are designed to be easily integrated into existing systems, making it possible for a wide range of users and industries to use them to meet their energy needs. We believe that our innovative technology can benefit a wide range of users and industries, from small businesses to large corporations.

Have you already created and tested all your planned products and technologies or are you going to launch the other products in the future?

P: Yes, all of our products have gone through rigorous testing and we are confident in their performance and effectiveness. Our roll-out phase has already started, with some of our products currently available on the market and others set to be launched in the near future. We are constantly working on new innovations and improvements to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the sustainable energy industry.

How can the MORF Refractor be implemented in different industries?

P: The MORF Refractor can be implemented in a variety of industries, including transportation, energy, and waste management. The technology can be used to produce high-quality synthetic fuels, which can replace traditional fossil fuels in transportation and heating systems. Additionally, the MORF Refractor can also be used to generate heat and electrical energy, making it a versatile and sustainable energy source. The implementation of the MORF Refractor has the potential to revolutionize industries, providing a cleaner and more cost-effective energy solution. The technology's ability to utilize a wide range of residual materials also makes it a valuable tool for waste management and recycling efforts. With the potential for significant cost savings and environmental benefits, the MORF Refractor is a game-changer in sustainable energy production.

How is ReduX Technologies unique in the market?

P: ReduX Technologies is unique in the market because of its groundbreaking innovations that are world novelties. For example, the MORF-Refractor, a high-tech conversion and recycling system, produces high-quality synthetic fuels without the need for oil wells or gas fields. The residual materials used providing independent energy and fuel production everywhere. The MORF-Refractor has been successfully tested with more than 3,000 molecular chains, and the realization of the first industrial MORF plant is set for 2023. The technology also produces various synthetic fuels, biochar, heat, and electrical energy while being environmentally friendly and profitable. The unique nature of ReduX's products and technologies sets them apart from the competition and makes them a key player in the market.

The world and even blockchain technologies require more and more energy, what is the solution provided by ReduX Technologies?

P: ReduX Technologies provides a solution to the high energy demand of the world and blockchain technologies with its CO₂ negative and decentralized MORF technology. This groundbreaking technology allows for the conversion of low-grade organic residues into high-quality fuels, gas, and coal. Additionally, the separated carbon is bound as a long-term carbon dioxide reservoir, making the production process carbon dioxide negative. With MORF technology, ReduX is able to produce energy in a sustainable and profitable way while significantly reducing carbon footprints and harmful emissions.

What is the future vision of ReduX Technologies, and how do you see it impacting the world?

P: ReduX Technologies' vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable and innovative technologies in the energy and waste management sectors. We aim to create a better future by combating climate change and environmental degradation through the development of carbon-negative technologies that reduce the carbon footprint and harmful emissions. With our MORF Refractor and ReduX Converter, we are pioneering a new era of energy and waste management.

Our innovative technologies have the potential to make a significant impact on the world by addressing global environmental challenges, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting resource conservation, and providing clean and affordable energy. By making the production process carbon-negative and creating long-term carbon dioxide reservoirs, we are helping to tackle the urgent issue of climate change.

Furthermore, our technologies provide solutions for the effective management of waste by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and converting it into valuable energy resources. We believe that our innovations will play a significant role in creating a sustainable future for generations to come, providing efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional energy production and waste management practices.

The company's innovative solutions will transform the energy sector and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Why is ReduX Technologies AG taking the blockchain path to revolutionize green energy when the traditional capital markets have already poured billions into environmental projects?

P: ReduX-Technologies AG is pioneering a new era in the intersection of blockchain and green technology. While billions of dollars are invested in environmental projects in conventional capital markets, only blockchain provides the real-time transparency and efficiency needed to create a sustainable future. 

With ReduX's innovative technology and commitment to responsible investment, we are showing the world how to harness the power of blockchain to save the planet. Join us and invest in a better tomorrow with ReduX Technologies… goreduxnow