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The world's most advanced platform to start leveraging the full potential of Decentralised Finance.
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About Instadapp

Our platform is open to developers of all sizes, from solo programmers, to hacker groups and globally scaled teams. Our team and members of our community look forward to helping you build an application on top of Instadapp with maximum security and composability.

The following pages contain a comprehensive guide to Instadapp’s ecosystem, also known as the ‘Defi Smart Layer’.

The Instadapp platform is a full feature platform for both users and developers to leverage the full potential of DeFi. The Instadapp protocol ('DSL') acts as the middleware that aggregates multiple DeFi protocols into one upgradable smart contract layer. This structure allows Instadapp to access the full potential of Decentralized Finance.

The main functionalities of the DSL are account extensions and upgradability. The unique upgradability means that the upcoming and new extensions will be upgraded, maintained and managed by INST governance. The DSL also includes a new operability layer that acts as a ‘Account Extension.’ These extensions allow the user to access new and unique functionality for their DSL account. These extensions and the evolution of the platform form a DeFi hub through which new use cases and extensions can be created, some examples of possible use cases include: Flash Loan Module, Authority extension, L2 extension, etc.


DeFi Smart Accounts Smart contract account owned by the users to manage & optimize funds across any number of protocols   100% trustless We ensure that the system is 100% trustless and only you've access to your funds.   Build for developers Designed for developers to build extensible use-cases and models with maximum security.


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