Inex Project

Inex Project

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The INEX Platform will offer a decentralized-cryptocurrency exchange service. It aims to enable anyone to own virtual currencies in under five minutes, using their mobile phones.Never miss another opportunity, trade on the go with our mobile platform. Compatible with ios and Android mobile devices. Inex will be offered in both browser platform as well as mobile app.
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About Inex Project

The decentralized exchange INEX aims to develop shall allow different order books to link to it. This would provide better liquidity and a signifi- cantly better user experience. Orders would be first propagate through the network using a peer-to-peer protocol - but in order to pro ide faster settlement, a system-centred order book shall be introduced which is meant to automatically and anonymously match orders between indepen- dent users.

INEX works towards a truly decentralized exchange, built on top of the INEX chain. Our envisaged decentralized exchange architecture is meant to enable the decentralized execution of orders off-chain. This would eliminate the need for a middleman or similar central authorities. Further, the network would cut down confirmation times to a minimum: once tokens would be deposited on a INEX wallet, transacting from it would becoming seamless, regardless of the underlying blockchain. When exchanging one token for another, a INEX user would get access to the new tokens after a single confirmed transaction. This would allow INEX users to make full use of the decentralized service and app ecosystem in a fast and flexible manner.



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